I’m Maria, Podcast Host,
Happy Plant Lady...
and former Plant Killer.

I created the Growing Joy with Plants Podcast (formerly called Bloom and Grow Radio) to learn alongside you as I interview experts in plant care and wellness to help us all grow joy  in our indoor jungles and lives.

Whether you are a plant killer, beginner plant parent, advanced plant parent, or even a horticultural expert,
I promise… if you love plants, we’ve got an episode for you.

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Our commitments to you as a listener...

We wouldn't be here without you.  So here are our promises to you.  We will:

• Be relentlessly curious.

• ALWAYS ask the questions others may be embarrassed to ask.  No "dumb" questions in this community of plant friends!

• Lead with kindness and positivity.  No shaming or shade throwing here.  There's enough of that in the world already.

• Continue sourcing you, our community of listeners, for the topics YOU want to learn more about.  Have you taken the 2023 Listener Survey yet?

• Never take ourselves or plants too seriously.  This hobby is supposed to be FUN, not stressful!

“I’m a newly addicted plant parent and I’ve learned SO MUCH from Bloom and Grow. It just makes me so happy and even more excited about my plant babies, as if that was even possible. If you love plants, listen to this podcast!"

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