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Flower Power: How to Grow Cut Flowers All Season Long (for Beginners), Ep 128

how to grow cut flowers



When I first got into gardening, I got very fixated on the food I could grow for myself, but what I’m realizing is growing flowers can be as appealing as growing food — and flowers, being the pollinator magnets they are, are crucial to a healthy garden and a healthy mind. I’ve been so curious about cut flower gardening and connected with this episode's guest on Clubhouse, and started picking her brain about what cut flowers I should try as an ultra beginner. Brooklyn's passion for plants, her sensitivity, and her knowledge are things I've been wanting to share with this community! We also share heartwarming stories about our mothers and the lessons they taught us. I hope this episode brings you joy, just like flowers do!


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In this episode we learn:

  • [00:02:23] Maria’s garden update
  • [00:05:40] Who is Brooklyn and how she became a flower farmer
  • [00:08:31] Why everyone should have flowers in their garden
  • [00:09:15] Brooklyn shares the personal connection she feels when growing flowers
  • [00:12:08] Things to consider before growing flowers in your garden
  • [00:14:06] The best flowers to grow for beginners: sunflowers, zinnias, strawflowers, and more
  • [00:17:05] A quick recap on annuals vs perennials
  • [00:18:32] The best perennial flowers to grow for blooms year after year
  • [00:21:22] How to plan your flower garden so you have blooms all year long
  • [00:25:48] Brooklyn’s favorite ‘cut and come again’ flowers
  • [00:27:16] How to make the best soil mix for your flowers
  • [00:29:30] When to use fertilizers on your flowers
  • [00:31:04] Where to get the best potting mix, compost and fertilizer for your garden
  • [00:32:41] Where to order your garlic for this season
  • [00:35:03] Why you want to fertilize your flowers (and some signs that they need it!)
  • [00:36:12] Determining how much light your flowers need
  • [00:37:30] Maria shares her experience with her first garden and reading seed packets
  • [00:41:17] How to transplant your flowers and harden them off
  • [00:44:27] How to pinch flowers, what is it for, and when you should do it
  • [00:48:04] What should you do with your flower’s first bud?
  • [00:48:25] What is deadheading and how to do it properly
  • [00:51:03] Brooklyn’s growing tips for peonies
  • [00:52:43] How to grow flowers from corms and bulbs
  • [00:57:33] Brooklyn’s top five favorite flowers (and greens) to grow
  • [00:59:34] A little heartwarming story about Mama Failla and her garden gifts
  • [01:03:22] Maria shares her newfound interest and joy in flower gardening

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