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Episode 36: Growing a Large Jungle in a Small Space and Humidity Hacks with @Apartmentbotanist

Alessia with her Plants


Thrilled to be joined by Alessia of @apartmentbotanist to discuss growing a large plant collection in a small space and using humidity indoors to help your plants thrive!

So if you have been listening to the podcast, you’ll know that I met Alessia  online when I was fawning over her pilea peperomiodies and the rest is history. What was initially an online friendship through DMs (mostly of her helping me with my beginning stages of my plant collection) has blossomed into a really beautiful IRL friendship. Alessia is a really important part of this plant community, because this girl has one of the most generous hearts I know out there. Even though her account has grown and grown, I know she takes time to talk to whoever needs help, and she also supports so many people in the plant space. She is the first to preorder someones new plant book, order a plant pin, support a planty go fund me- this girl just shows up for people, and I think she’s a great example of what this community can be for people, and I’m lucky to call her my friend. This conversation might have more giggles than some of my other episodes because we are having an educational conversation, but we are also just plant friends sitting on a couch talking about our plants but in this conversation she provides so much insight and so many tips on how she has a LARGE collection of plants in a small space, humidity hacks and lots more.

In this episode we learn:

  • How Maria and Alessia became #plantfriendsIRL
  • Why Alessia was inspired to create her Celestial Monstera Pin
  • All about Alessia’s personal collection – transitioning from mostly desert plants to mostly tropical plants
  • The magic of a disco ball
  • How Alessia grew her indoor plant collection in her small NYC one bedroom apartment
  • How to use your windows to organize the layout of your plants in your home
  • Alessia’s thoughts on Begonias
  • How to expand your collection beyond your crowded windowsills
  • Tips for finding and utilizing great plant shelves
  • Plant Fails- they happen to everyone. Learn about Alessias with the tale of “the Foot”
  • Alessia’s humidity hacks: what humidifiers she uses and how she uses them to help her plants thrive in her space
  • Her daily/weekly/monthly plant care routine


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