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Rooted in Generosity: Inspiring Harmony Through Wind Chimes and Why You Need Them in Your Garden, Ep 207



Wouldn't it be nice to wake up every morning to the hypnotic sound of wind chimes gently drifting through your bedroom window, plant friends? The delicate tones of wind chimes dancing on the breeze can turn an ordinary morning into a magical experience. 

In this episode, I spoke with the owners of Wind River Chimes to uncover the history, craftsmanship, and meaning behind these musical garden ornaments. If you’re a constant listener, I’m sure you know them as one of my podcast sponsors! Patty, Jamie, Luke, and I talked about the joyful art and science behind creating beautiful chimes that connect us to soothing sounds and special memories.


In this episode, we learn:

  • [00:10] Why wind chimes have become significant for Maria’s mental health
  • [03:51] Let’s welcome Patty, Jamie, and Luke from Wind River Chimes!
  • [05:30] What are their favorite Wind River chimes?
  • [07:39] History of Wind River Chimes
  • [08:53] How Jamie and Patty got involved and eventually bought the company in 2005
  • [10:54] How has the company evolved since they assumed leadership?
  • [14:03] How the wind chimes are made (tuned pipes, specific alloys, thick walls)
  • [15:33] Get a 10% discount at Territorial Seed Company when you plant cover crops now!
  • [17:13] How the tones and scales are designed
  • [18:57] The emotional experience provided by chimes
  • [19:46] The primal connection of humans to music
  • [21:45] What is the science of sound? (alloys, testing, parts designed for optimal tone)
  • [24:55] What are their favorite emotional customer stories involving the chimes?
  • [31:20] Why does the company commit to donating 20% of their profits to charity?
  • [34:04] What “harmony” means to the Wind River Chimes team


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History of Wind River Chimes

Wind River Chimes has been perfecting the craft of wind chimes since 1986, when a Florida man began selling them at flea markets. After his supplier stopped production, he tapped into his physics background to start creating chimes himself! This experiment soon struck a chord with customers across the country, as he focused on sourcing quality materials to achieve those melodious sounds we are all familiar with.

Years later, Jamie and Patty Baisden purchased the evolving company after developing their own appreciation for the chimes. They've since carried on the founder's values while growing the business and improving the designs with an expert team. Jamie emphasizes that their goal is to sell the sensory experience and positive feelings the chimes evoke, more so than just selling a product.


The Artistry in Crafting Soothing Sounds

What makes the sound of Wind River Chimes so uniquely soothing? As Luke explained, it comes down to a combination of artistry and scientific precision in selecting and tuning the components. 

They hand-pick durable, thick-walled aluminum pipes that produce richer tones when struck. They test the acoustics extensively until they find the perfect pitches for each pipe to form major chord progressions and pentatonic scales. This mirrors patterns that are pleasing to our ears from music theory (yes, this gets quite technical). The result is familiar passages with a meditative quality.

Just as important is the design of the chime striker and hanging elements. The chimes are carefully balanced so the striker hits the pipes with just the right force to resonate but not overpower them. The chimes then receive one final tune-up before shipping to ensure they sound perfect.


Emotional Effects of Chimes

Beyond the technical aspects, Jamie emphasizes that wind chimes connect us to music on a primal level. The founders and customers alike have powerful emotional experiences with the soothing sounds blending nature and melody.

Engraving wind chimes to commemorate special moments or meanings didn’t begin until Patty created one for the current Director of Sales, Luke. Now clients can add personalized messages to celebrate weddings, memorials, inspirational phrases, and more. Luke keeps his personalized anniversary chime from Jamie and Patty hanging in his home as a daily reminder of cherished memories.


Wind River Chime’s Commitment to Charity

While crafting unique chimes is central to their business, Jamie emphasizes the Wind River mission focuses on being a force for good in their community, near and far. 

Philanthropy based on mutual care is deeply woven into the company’s values. They donate 20% of profits from their monthly website sales to a range of causes including disaster relief, food security, clean water access, and mental health. Employees take pride in being part of these efforts to spread more hope and love.


Ending on a High Note

Wind chimes that blend art, science, and meaning have the power to infuse our spaces with harmony. Though we may initially be drawn to the quiet tones, the founders' insights reveal the joyful craft and care invested into each chime. 

Their commitment to community reminds us how small businesses can make a difference when driven by purpose beyond commerce.

Next time you hear chimes, let the peaceful melody remind you to be present and find harmony each day. Consider adding your own meaningful wind chime to your home or gifting one to share the experience with someone special. Let the soothing sounds charm you like they charm me each morning, plant friends!


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