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anthurium care


When I think Jungle Vibes, anthuriums always come to mind. Their large leaves, mesmerizing vein patterns in the leaves, long slim stems and gorgeous flowers have such a prehistoric look to them. There is so much more to the world of Anthuriums besides the one you can always pick up in the grocery store, so today we welcome back the queen of the aroids, Enid from NSE tropicals to do a deep dive on Anthurium care. NSE Tropicals is one of the most sought after rare plant provider in the US. Restocks routinely sell out in minutes and we are lucky that the mastermind behind it, Enid joins us today for an in depth discussion.


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because Enid will be back next month, to discuss Alocasia care!


In this episode we learn:

  • [02:15] How Maria’s wishlist plants have changed since she first started collecting 
  • [04:00] How you can help grow the Bloom and Grow Radio community! 
  • [05:11] Enid shares the wonderful story behind the NSE Tropicals, and its 21 year-old plant collecting history!
  • [06:22] Why anthuriums are starting to be a big trend within the plant community 
  • [06:56] The interesting environment and origins of anthuriums 
  • [11:05] Basic care tips for indoor anthuriums on soil mix and humidity 
  • [13:19] Enid’s quick plant hack on increasing humidity 
  • [14:32] How to properly water your anthuriums 
  • [16:37] What’s the optimal humidity level for indoor anthuriums? 
  • [18:08] Do different varieties of anthuriums need different types of light? 
  • [19:19] Enid shares her own observations between anthuriums in a greenhouse versus anthuriums in open-air setups 
  • [20:06] Why plant parents should always consider the natural environment of their plants 
  • [21:08] Where to best get your garden planting needs this season! 
  • [23:27] Enid explains why your leaves shouldn’t feel hot to the touch 
  • [24:11] How to REALLY know your plants according to Enid 
  • [25:31] Are anthurium leaves drooping normal? How do you differentiate between an unhappy plant and normal plant behavior? 
  • [27:10] The nasty pests you should be looking out for when taking care of anthuriums and how to get rid of them the right way 
  • [29:08] General fertilizer tips for anthuriums and Enid’s recommended brands 
  • [30:19] What is pollination for? What are inflorescences? 
  • [34:24] Enid’s top 3 anthurium recommendations for beginner plant parents 
  • [35:12] Enid’s top 3 anthurium recommendations for advanced plant parents
  • [37:03] Maria shares her future anthurium plans and what to expect from the next episode with Enid


Mentioned in our conversation:

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Territorial Seed Company

Thank you Territorial Seed Co for sponsoring today's episode! Territorial Seed Co provides high quality seeds and plants (over 2000 varieties) that are tried and tested on their 75 acre farm and have a ton of fall varieties for us to try! It's already time to start planning your 2021 garden! For seeds, plants, online garden planner, how to videos and more visit and use code BLOOM10 for 10% off.

Anthurium photos discussed in the episode


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