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Episode 27: Plants in the Classroom with @mrdtimes3

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Joe “Mr. D” Dombrowski is a 3rd (5th next year) grade teacher from Chicago, IL. His passion for education and lighthearted approach to engaging with students has captured the hearts of millions with his viral videos and instagram accounts @mrDtimes3. He has been featured on The Ellen Show, The Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron Show and many more. He is a young, passionate teacher that is changing the game for how young students learn. AND he is a plant person! Joe and I became friends on instagram and he let me know how he is using plants in the classroom and I instantly knew we needed an episode together. Plant People span all sorts of professions and Joe is a perfect example of how to take you plant passion and let it elevate whatever you’re doing and impact people around you. Also, since I know some listeners are teachers, but also many listeners are mothers or fathers, I know this episode is going to have a ton of fun, inspirational projects for you to do with kids in your life!

In this episode we learn:

  • Joe’s journey into the classroom
  • Joe’s journey as a green thumb and how it’s influenced his teaching
  • Joe’s personal collection vs his classroom collection and how they differ
  • How to use a petting cactus to encourage presence and stress relief in the classroom
  • How the #embraceyourself (#embraceyourweird) movement started
  • How Joe uses plants to teach discipline and kindness in class
  • What the “botanist” of the classroom does each week
  • How he’s used growing food to help learn problem solving
  • How to problem solve a low light classroom
  • Best recommended starter plants for the classroom
  • How to use plants to teach various subjects
  • Favorite plants of the classroom

Mentioned in the episode:

Info for the Queer Plant Swap!

Thai Cook Friendship Garden @cook_in_the_classroom


Click here for my episode on Grow Lights (Episode 12)

Aerogarden links for growing food in the classroom (what Joe uses to grow his pumpkins).

Aerogarden (6 plants)

Aerogarden Sprout (3 plants)

Aerogarden Cherry Tomato Kit

Aerogarden Lettuce Kit

*The aerogarden links are affiliate links for Bloom and Grow Radio on Amazon Prime. This means Bloom and Grow Radio gets a portion of the sale at no extra cost to you. It's a great way to support the show while supporting your planty adventures!*


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