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plants and pets


Did you know that some of our favorite houseplants are actually toxic to pets? I was able to interview Anastasia from Leaf & Paw about Pets and Plants and how to be both a pet parent and a plant parent. Anastasia has a blog dedicated to her passion for collecting plants while caring for her two cats and a hedgehog. In this episode, she walks us through what we need to know about toxicity, how to style with pets in mind, and the top 10 best and worst plants for our pets. Let's dive in!

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In this episode we learn:

  • [03:41] What this episode has in store for you, plant friend!
  • [05:13] How Anastasia became both a plant parent and a pet parent, and how Leaf and Paw came to be
  • [07:19] Why it’s important to know how to have plants and pets together
  • [08:37] What is toxicity in plants? How do you approach toxicity when it comes to your pets?
  • [12:11] Are there levels of toxicity in plants? What should you do when your pet eats a toxic plant?
  • [13:38] How to prevent your pets from eating your plant collection: utilize your home architecture
  • [15:08] Why understanding your pet can help you keep them away from your plants
  • [16:02] How to style with floor plants while keeping them safe from your pets
  • [17:21] Do river stones and vinegar spray work for pet-prone plants?
  • [18:56] The best company after a day of gardening and propagating plants!
  • [20:57] Where to get organic and pet-safe potting mixes and gardening products
  • [22:45] What symptoms should you look out for if your pet has ingested a plant? What should you do if your pet has ingested a toxic plant?
  • [25:14] How to use substances like fertilizer and insecticide in your plant care while being mindful of your pets
  • [28:05] The best and most informative resources for pet care and plants
  • [30:06] The top 10 most toxic plants for your pets: pothos, monsteras, ficus, and more
  • [36:50] The top 10 best non-toxic plants for your pets: pepperomias, calatheas, hoyas, and more
  • [42:20] Bonus special AND non-toxic plant: banana trees!
  • [43:47] Maria and Billy’s puppy fever and their future fur baby plans

Mentioned in our conversation:

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