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Let me save you some time & money and tell you what I've used and love. 

There are so many plant care and wellness products these days

Introducing my love letter to plants:

Growing Joy™: The Plant Lover’s Guide to Cultivating Happiness (and Plants)

Filled with 60+ practices to help plant lovers step away from their screens and cultivate delight and peace of mind with plants, Growing Joy™ is your guide to transforming plant care into self-care.

Whether you're a plant parent pro or the anxious owner of a single, not-dead-yet succulent, Growing Joy™ will help you reconnect with yourself, bring more smiles to your face and peace in your heart, and inspire a lifelong relationship with plants that will keep you blooming and growing.

Planty practices to grow your way to happier, more peaceful life.

Want some 1-on-1 time with me? I’m available for:

Houseplant consultations

I can help you understand your lighting environment, make personalized suggestions for plants and projects, or just chat about your current plant collection!  Includes a custom greeting video if this is purchased as a gift for someone.

$100 for 1 Hour

Podcast strategy Consultations

Interested in starting your own podcast and want some help jumpstarting the process? I’ve helped several friends launch their own shows, and would LOVE to help you brainstorm about your motivations behind the podcast, marketing and branding, and help with a launch plan for your show.

$100 for 1 Hour

Custom video message for gifts

Got a loved one who is a fan of the show?  I’ll work with you to create a customized video greeting for them!  These video messages are perfect for birthdays, graduations, and just about any other special day worth celebrating.

$20 per Video Message

Contact me today to schedule your session!

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The Grow Lights I Use in My Home

Want to know how grow lights and photosynthesis work? Check out the following episodes of Bloom and Grow Radio where we nerd out on plant science and what to know before buying a grow light: Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Growlights and Growlights 101.

Soltech Solutions 40W Aspect Light
Code bloom15 for 15% off
Modern Sprout Grow Bar
Code GROWINGJOY for 20% off
Modern Sprout Growhouse
Code GROWINGJOY for 15% off
Check out my home grow light tour!

Potting Mixes, Fertilizer and Horticultural Sprays

Want to know how soil works? Check out the episodes, Understanding DrainageThe Science of Soil, and Dirty Talk with Darryl from Houseplant Journal, where we dive deep into understanding soil and drainage.

For Potting Mixes, Fertilizer, and Horticultural Sprays, I use Espoma Organics, and especially love the following products:

Potting Mix
Cactus Mix
Indoor Liquid Fertilizer
Bio-Tone Starter Plus
Maria's Espoma Storefront

Planty Accessories & Gifts

Want to know more about styling with plants? Check out the episodes, Styling with Plants, How to Manage a Large Plant Collection, and Low Light Plants for Beginners, where we discuss how to make your plant collection look as Instagrammable as possible!  

For planty accessories and gifts, I love Modern Sprout, and they've generously offered our listeners 15% off of all their products when you use the code "Bloom21"!  Check out a few of my favorite planty accessories and gifts below.

Brass Watering Can
Glow & grow Candle
Pruning Shears
Modern Sprout Grow Bar
Modern Sprout Growhouse
Code GROWINGJOY for 15% off
Code GROWINGJOY for 15% off
Code GROWINGJOY for 15% off
Code GROWINGJOY for 15% off
Code GROWINGJOY for 15% off


I've been using Territorial Seed Company for years and am in love with their incredible variety of seeds and plants.  Click the link below to get 10% off your order (discount applied at checkout)

Click for 10% off at checkout

territorial seed company 

Have you seen my new hydroponic smoothie tower?

welcome to my new obsession.....

I've always wanted a hydroponic gardening set up to help me grow my own food indoors, no matter what the weather is like. I knew I found my set up when I discovered the Lettuce Grow Farmstand: made from ocean bound plastic, super easy to install and has a small floor footprint and is allllll about growing vertically! I'm in LOVE! 

Check out my full product review below for the inside scoop

Click here to check them out! 

Favorite Planty Books

Over my 3 years as a plant parent, I’ve read some tremendously helpful books!  To see my current favorites, just click through the categories below.

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Growing Joy [Virtual] Garden Society

the plantiest and kindest corner of the internet

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Planty Educational Resources

I am always looking for amazing educational resources to further my knowledge about plants and plant science. Here are some great classes I’ve taken that have helped enrich the knowledge I’ve gained from the podcast!

Houseplant Masterclass - Summer Rayne Oaks

Summer Rayne is a beloved guest of Bloom and Grow Radio and put together an awesome masterclass on diving deeper about plant knowledge. I took this course by listening to a module every morning with my coffee and plants, and it became a wonderful morning routine. It’s packed full of great information and Summer Rayne has a really soothing voice.

Learn More

Master Seed Starting
With Joe Lampl of

If you are a seed starting newbie or enthusiast... you MUST take this class. 

I have taken this course THREE times- every year when I prepare to start seeds, I revisit this value packed course filled with EVERYTHING you need to know about seed starting. 

Sign up with the link below to get $100 off PLUS access to a private zoom call with our community to talk about our intentions for our gardens. 

Get the discount here 

Snag some freebies to help you Grow More JOY!

Green up your workspace

Transform your work-from-home set up into a restorative oasis that you actually look forward to going to every day.

Snag the guide

Understanding Natural Light

Learn to confidently measure and understand YOUR specific light availability in your home. No more guessing what "bright indirect light" is!

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Plant Parent Personality™ Quiz

Unlock your Plant Parent Potential by taking the Plant Parent Personality™ Test and get recommendations for your specific lifestyle. 

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