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I’ve spent almost a decade testing plant care products and accessories, and want to share my favorites with you!

Let me save you some time and money and just tell you what works (for me).

But first… Did you know I wrote a book? Introducing my love letter to plants:

Growing Joy™: The Plant Lover’s Guide to Cultivating Happiness (and Plants)

Filled with 60+ practices to help plant lovers step away from their screens and cultivate delight and peace of mind with plants, Growing Joy™ is your guide to transforming plant care into self-care.

Whether you're a plant parent pro or the anxious owner of a single, not-dead-yet succulent, Growing Joy™ will help you reconnect with yourself, bring more smiles to your face and peace in your heart, and inspire a lifelong relationship with plants that will keep you blooming and growing.

Ok, now for the fun stuff! 

Here are my ride or die, most favorite, tried and true products...

Grow Lights I Use and Love 

I’m a Soltech Grow Light addict- I have 7 in my home (3 Aspect pendant lights, 2 Vita Grow Bulbs, and 3 of their Grove Growbars). Use code bloom15 for 15% a Soltech light for yourself!

Soltech  Aspect Light
I hang these in dark corners
Soltech grove Growbar
I installed these in my bookshelf to make an epic zoom background 
Soltech Vita Grow Bulb
Screw this into any floor or desk lamp! 
Use Bloom15 for 15% off

My Go-to Potting Mixes and Fertilizers 

The key to happy plants is high quality, well draining potting mixes. I have been using Espoma Organic on all my indoor and outdoor plants for almost 6 years now!  

Click on the links below to check out my favorite products!

Potting Mix
Cactus Mix
Indoor Liquid Fertilizer
Bio-Tone Starter Plus
Maria's Espoma Storefront

leafjoy™ by Proven Winners

I have been loving the Proven Winners leafjoy™ line of houseplants lately. They have the most incredible variety of plants, and the quality is off the charts!

Search for the Proven Winners leafjoy™ tag at your local garden center and let me know what you get on Insta!

Check out leafjoy™!

Wind River Wind Chimes

It feels like Wind River Wind chimes underscore my life (and bring so much joy to my garden)— as I have two wind chimes, hung on either side of my house. 

Whenever I hear them singing in the wind throughout the day, I drop into the present moment and take a breath of gratitude. 

They make the most amazing gift, and you can get a FREE engraving on your windsail (perfect for wedding/anniversary dates or birthdays!) using the code GROWINGJOY at checkout.

Shop & use Code GROWING JOY


I have used this product everyday for the last 2 years! It’s reduced my trips to the dump by about 50%, and completely eliminated smelly garbage!

My tabletop composter, The Lomi, turns all of your food waste into soil you can put in your garden! 
Check out my review to learn more.

Snag a Lomi of your own here!

For a limited time, use code GROWING JOY for $50 off! 

Favorite Planty Books

If you love plants and love reading, here are books from recent podcast guests!
Just click through the categories below to peruse the selections.

Did you know you can GROW mushrooms?

Edible, nutritious mushrooms could be your next houseplant! We have a whole Mushroom Miniseries with North Spore Mushrooms on the podcast that talks about how to grow your own edible mushrooms indoors.

Listen to the mini series here! 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻

Shop North Spores line of mushroom grow kits for indoors and outdoors below! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Mushrooms 101

How to Grow Functional Mushrooms in Your Garden

How to Grow Mushrooms Indoors

Use code GROWINGJOY for 10% off

I am obsessed with growing food hydroponically indoors.

I’ve been doing this now for 3 years, and love that I can grow fresh, organic lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs in my livingroom, when there is 2 feet of snow outside.

Here are my two favorite hydroponic products:

The Lettuce Grow is my OG ride or die. In my book, I call it my “Spaceship Smoothie Tower”.  Watch my review here!

Click here to get a Lettuce Grow!

I added the Click and Grow 9 model (in the same mint green to match my Lomi) to have a smaller table top option and love it!

Get a Click and Grow 9!

Try code GROWINGJOY at checkout for a discount

My Favorite Watering Tools

Watering is a crucial part of plant care, so make sure you have watering vessels that make it easy and joyful to care for your plants. 

Modern Sprout Watering Can
Squeegee bottle

Great for teeny pots or plants with sensitive leaves

Pump Sprayer

For hard to reach plants or a large plant collection


I love that I can add essential oils to this!

Watering Globes

Create for when you leave for vacation

So sleek and BIG

My Favorite Plant Care Accessories

We the Wild Gloves

These make cleaning leaves a breeze

Arber Potting Mat

I love how high the edges are so there's no soil spillage. Use GROWINGJOY15 for 15% off

Modern Sprout Snippers

I have 40,000 of these, and gift them to everyone I know!

Modern Sprout “Botanical keepers”

Helps ensure unstable props don’t fall out of your container

Plant Care Tech


I use these around my house to measure my humidity

Moisture Meter

Great tool for beginners to understand when a plant truly needs water

PAR Meter

A more advanced tool for plant parents who want to truly understand their lighting environment 

Pest Control

Fungus gnat death drops 

A few drops in your watering can keeps gnats at bay

Pest Trap Stickers

Stick these on the inside of the lip of your pot to catch adult gnats

Arber fungicide

Spray your plant down at first signs of fungal infection. Use GROWINGJOY15 for 15% off.

Arber insecticide

Spray preventatively or in reaction to a pest outbreak. Use GROWINGJOY15 for 15% off.

We the Wild Neem Oil

Great for pest prevention and leaf shine! 

Have you heard of a Houseplant First Aid Kit?

 I made a video of all the things I have at the ready for if and when my plants need a little help. Check it out!

Nature-Based Wellness Products I Love

Manukora Honey

My new coffee addiction is putting a tablespoon of this honey (that tastes like caramel) into my coffee. Click here to get $25 off a starter pack!

Equilibria greens powder

I love that this greens powder (powered plants to drink!) is made for women specifically. It tastes SO good! Use code BLOOM for 15% off at

RYZE hot chocolate

I drink this in 50% milk 50% water almost every night to lull me to sleep. I love that it has adaptogenic mushrooms in it! 

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