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So today’s Plant Side Chat is short and sweet and is inspired by this predictably bizarre weather we’ve been having lately. The seasons are a changing my friends. For me, whenever the seasons start to really evidently change, it feels like a magical time where the energy of everything around me feels heightened in its own unique way. Spring into summer we are wrapped with a warmth that causes a big exhale and I get excited about the sense of relaxation and fun that summer brings. Then theres the first nip of crisp fall air on my face after a long hot season that has the most revitalizing energy and always gets me excited to kick it into the next gear. The first snowfall, that transition from fall to winter is the signal for me to cozy up, get real introspective, and hibernate a bit both physically and mentally to prepare for spring all over again. And now, we find ourselves in one of my most favorite transitions- out of winter into spring.

Over the weekend I was on Cape Cod visiting my boyfriend’s family and we went on a walk around the neighborhood. The Cape always endures a brutal winter, so as we were walking and saw remnants of grey lawns with patches of grass, dead leaves, remaining little pockets of whatever the last snow was, just the general final grey, dull signs of winter we all know so well I saw a glimpse of purple. “Crocus” my boyfriends Mother mentioned- as I got closer to the plant, I marveled at this bright burst of color, that had the sheer audacity to shine and step forward, ahead of it’s plant friends, I guess we can call them.

This beautiful purple flower, with bright orange stamens was just sitting there, simply proclaiming: spring is coming. My heart swelled with so many thoughts- the first tying back to my first plant side chat- bloom at your own rate. This beautiful flower was simply doing what it was intended, as the leader, showing up first, ringing springs bell, and then will probably die back before other spring flowers even show up. I admired that bravery.

But it also got me thinking more about the changing of the seasons, what they do so naturally in nature but also what they can symbolize for us.

Dormancy is so important, but I think as people living in a society centered around instant gratification, we can get so impatient and have such little appreciation for it. It’s important for certain areas of your life to remain dormant to allow for other areas of it to be in full bloom. Every flower and tree and fruit in nature doesn’t bloom in the same season because that would be freaking exhausting and there would also be nothing to look forward to. So why do we expect to “have it all” at the same time? Not that I throw shade at anyone nailing it in every aspect of their life- kudos to you- I just haven’t quite experienced that yet. Although I have really started learning to love the act of letting some area of life lie dormant, appreciate the dormancy, and feel the momentum and life quietly grow. I’m becoming comfortable remaining patient for it to come back to life when it’s ready. So at the end of this first, incredible season of Bloom and Grow Radio- I ask you what has been lying dormant for you lately? What season of your life is in full bloom? How can you appreciate both of those states simultaneously for being exactly where they need to be? Is there something that’s been dormant for the winter but needs some tending too? Maybe a little fertilizer or pruning? Something you’ve been anxious to bloom (like my freaking phalaenopsis orchid I can’t seem to make bloom for the life of me) that you can just take a breath and release the impatience and appreciate the fact that it will bloom at the perfect moment to surprise and delight you when you least expect it? These are all thoughts swirling around my head after enjoying my first crocus sighting of the season that I wanted to share with you. I’ll talk to you soon, I hope you keep blooming and keep growing through the month.


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