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Episode 90: Jane Perrone of On the Ledge Podcast




I’m so excited to finally welcome Jane Perrone of On the Ledge Podcast to the show. Jane and I have both been podcasting for almost three years now and, if we do say so ourselves, are the OG houseplant centered podcast on the airwaves. It’s only taken three years and a pandemic to make our schedules clear enough to pull our heads out of the production of our own shows to finally visit each other shows, so we thought it would be fun to interview each other on our shows in the same week. So if you are interested in hearing Jane interview me you can check out her channel, and if you are a new listener of Jane’s coming here to hear her interview, welcome!

In this episode we learn:

  • If Jane Perrone and I view each other as competition
  • How we feel about being the OG houseplant podcasters
  • How Jane's family has reacted to her plant collection
  • One particular topic that Jane wants to set the record straight about
  • How both Jane and Maria have developed their knowledge of plant care
  • Jane's favorite houseplant of the moment
  • What Jane's house plant set up is in her home
  • How many plants and grow lights Jane currently has in her home
  • What the rarest plant Jane has is
  • Why the term “plant parent” can be tricky for some people

Mentioned in today's episode:

Janes favorite podcasts: My Career Crisis and Haunted

The podcast consultant was Ruth Barnes of Chalk and Blade.

Thank you to this week's episode sponsor: Modern Sprout!

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