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Episode 19: Terrarium 101 with @teenytinyterra





Toronto based Jesse Goldfarb is making a name for himself in the plant world with his creative terrarium designs for his company, Teeny Tiny Terra. You can find him on instagram @teenytinyterra and at He has worn many professional hats from  corporate florist to DJ to managing salons but he is currently establishing quite the creative niche for himself as the go to terrarium artist, with a long waitlist of people waiting to bring his creations into their home. You can find him teaching Terrarium tutorials all over Toronto (say that three times fast!) and he is currently working on an online course to reach the masses.

We are so lucky that Jesse is joining us today to give us an introduction to terrarium assembly. I’m so excited to get started on my own after learning the basics from him!

In this episode we learn:

  • How Jesse’s plant obsession began
  • Jesse’s two most memorable terrariums he was commissioned to make
  • Jesse’s journey from having just two bonsai trees to becoming a full fledged terrarium expert
  • Build your own terrarium 101!!!
  • An insider peak at what’s up next for Teeny Tiny Terra

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IG: @teenytinyterra

Twitter: @teenytinyterra



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