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Designing and Revitalizing a Garden in a New Home with Stephen Orr, Ep 133



2020 had us all looking at our homes and asking ourselves if our current lifestyles were truly working for us or if it was time for a change. Billy and I desired more space, more nature, and a new opportunity to grow, which is why we moved upstate. An interesting question rose up when we moved and stared at our new surroundings and new gardening zone with a bit of overwhelm: now what? I've heard this question from so many members of our community who also made a big move, purchased a new home, and are looking at their new landscapes with wide eyes and lots of questions. In this episode, I invited Stephen Orr, editor of one of my favorite magazines and a gardener going through this process himself, to join me for a conversation about his journey to rejuvenating and experimenting with his new garden, or gardens, in his new home in Cape Cod. Can't wait to learn with you!

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In this episode we learn:

  • [00:00:57] Introducing Stephen
  • [00:05:20] Why Maria is obsessed with Better Homes and Gardens
  • [00:06:30] How Stephen’s parents influenced him to be a plant person
  • [00:09:42] Popular houseplants in the 70s according to Stephen’s mom’s collection
  • [00:15:16] Why it’s important to identify the soil type in your garden
  • [00:17:35] Animal pressure and other factors to consider when looking for a new home with a garden
  • [00:20:01] How to prepare your new garden for the seasons
  • [00:22:13] Know which plants work best for your garden through your neighborhood
  • [00:23:44] How to preserve old gardens and rejuvenate lilacs
  • [00:25:27] Things to keep in mind when moving into a house with history
  • [00:27:03] Where to get efficient and stylish grow lights for your home
  • [00:28:21] How to have garlic all year round
  • [00:29:54] How to transform a sandy area into a gravel garden
  • [00:32:07] The best plants for seaside gardens
  • [00:32:58] How to train plants to thrive in difficult conditions
  • [00:35:51] Conducting your own garden research
  • [00:37:06] Where to begin when starting a new garden in a new home
  • [00:38:44] Common mistakes new homeowners make with their garden
  • [00:39:41] How to avoid new home overwhelm
  • [00:41:29] Stephen’s garden experiments: raised beds and a mini meadow
  • [00:46:01] How to do seed sowing successfully
  • [00:48:33] Checking your soil on your first year gardening
  • [00:50:10] How to rejuvenate your flowering plants
  • [00:52:33] What NOT to do on your first gardening year
  • [00:53:47] Stephen’s recommended culinary herbs to plant in your garden
  • [01:00:46] Stephen shares a nice little note about being Better Homes and Gardens editor
  • [01:04:00] Maria’s BIG news!

Mentioned in our conversation:

  • The Dry Gardening Handbook : Plants and Practices for a Changing Climate, book by Olivier Filippi
  • Planting Design for Dry Gardens, book by Olivier Filippi
  • The Dry Garden, book by Beth Chatto

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