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Episode 35: How to Grow Desert Plants Indoors with Ryan from Dig It Gardens

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Very excited to be joined by Ryan from Dig It Gardens in Phoenix, AZ for a great discussion on Desert Plants: what they are, how they thrive outdoors, and how we can set them up for success in our Urban Jungles. Ryan has almost 20 years experience working in the gardening industry specifically with desert plants and shares all of his tips and advice on succulent and cactus care.

In this episode we learn:

  • How Ryan became a specialist in desert plants
  • Why we should be careful around the friendly Prickly Pear Cactus
  • What the characteristics of a “desert plant” actually are
  • What Cacti and Succulents have developed to survive in the desert
  • A fun project to do with kids to show how cacti absorb water
  • Succulent Care 101
  • A great hack to recognize what a plants natural surroundings are, just by looking at the leaves
  • Not all succulent/cacti is created equal when it comes to light: how to tell how much light or lack of light a plant can tolerate
  • Best watering practices for succulents
  • How to handle drainage
  • When and how to fertilize your succulent/cacti
  • Etioliation, what it is, and how to address it (and how to pronounce it)
  • What gravitropism
  • How to propagate your succulents
  • Best indoor starter cacti/succulents for a reformed succulent killer or beginning plant parent
  • Tips for picking the best succulent


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