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What are your plans this Spring Equinox? Spring equinox is like a special day when light and dark are balanced just right. As it draws closer, it comes with a reminder that nature has its own patterns that repeat over and over, and this particular event shows us that winter is ending and spring is starting… bringing new life and growth. Tuning into the Earth's frequencies during this season can help us grow and feel refreshed too. In this episode, I’m so happy to welcome back our residential green witch and my dear plant friend, Rachael of Our Infinite Nature! She’s here to celebrate the upcoming Spring Equinox, share her insights on what's happening in the earth, sky, and ourselves during spring, and offer practices for connecting deeply with the powerful changes that happen in spring.


In this episode, we learn:

  • [01:58] Connecting with nature and the seasons
  • [04:18] Cultivating intuition with plants
  • [05:58] Why “awe” is a spiritual emotion
  • [09:15] The importance of “seasonal living”
  • [12:16] What is happening to the earth during Spring Equinox?
  • [15:48] Brighten up your plants this spring with Soltech's grow lights!
  • [18:01] Learn modern, low-maintenance approach to home food gardening with “The Layered Edible Garden” by Christina Chung
  • [20:34] How external stimuli trigger personal growth/development
  • [25:15] What are the astrological insights for the Spring Equinox?
  • [29:33] In case you don’t know, I’m an Aries baby!
  • [30:15] Why new moon in Aries =  start of the new year (astrologically)
  • [32:34] What are the positive aspects of the eclipse season?
  • [35:09] Gardening tips for different moon phases
  • [37:52] What are the best practices to nurture growth and vitality during spring?
  • [45:51] Plants that embody spring energy
  • [55:25] How to create your own seasonal bowl/altar
  • [58:10] Spring awakening (a guided meditation)
  • [01:08:10] Where can you find Rachael?



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What Happens During Spring Equinox?

As Rachael explained, spring is like a fresh start for the Earth. The ground “thaws,” letting seeds sprout and grow. We also notice flowers and leaves popping up on trees and bushes as they wake up from their “winter sleep.”

Animal activity increases as well in the springtime. Rachael gave the example of seeing more insects, birds, and nesting behaviors in animals. Seeing more wildlife is a clear sign that spring is here and life is starting fresh all around. Their actions match the Earth's energy of growth and abundance during this time of year.


What's Up in the Night Sky?

Rachael highlighted several astrological events happening in the spring sky that we can tune into.

The first is the Eclipse Season, which will include a Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, 2024 during the Full Moon in Libra, as well as a Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024 coinciding with the New Moon in Aries. As Rachael described, eclipses bring potent yet chaotic energies, signaling a time to go with the flow rather than try to control outcomes.

The April 8th New Moon Solar Eclipse has additional significance as it aligns with the Astrological New Year. According to Rachael, the Zodiac begins in Aries, so this New Moon marks a fresh start energetically, aligning with spring's energies of rebirth.

Rachael also offered wisdom around working with moon energies in gardening and plant tending activities:

  1. Plant seeds during New Moons to tap into new beginning energy
  2. Fertilize young plants during the waxing, increasingly energetic Moon phase
  3. The Full Moon is the ideal time to prune and harvest pests and manage pest infestations


Spring Renewal Inside Ourselves

When the seasons change, it affects how we feel inside. Our emotions and thoughts are influenced by the natural cycles of the Earth. Rachael shared that our ancestors lived according to these cycles, and it shaped how our bodies and minds developed.

So as spring arrives, you can embrace its spirit of renewal by doing things like clearing out clutter from your living space and organizing your thoughts (aka Spring Cleaning!). Think about your goals and dreams that inspire you to grow and move forward instead of feeling stuck.

Plants like alocasia, syngonium, jasmine, crocus, and borage have energies that can lift your mood and bring positivity when you spend time with them. You can grow these plants to help awaken your own “sense of renewal.” Another idea is to grow medicinal microgreens, which are young plants with lots of nutrients, to bring the freshness of new life into your diet.


Guided Spring Awakening Meditation

Rachael graciously offered to lead us in a beautiful guided meditation to activate and align our energies with spring’s burgeoning reawakening.

  1. Pay attention to how your body feels and how you breathe right now.
  2. Imagine roots growing from your body into the ground, reaching down through the layers of soil. Picture them wrapping around a seed full of possibilities.
  3. Watch as the seed starts to grow roots and shoots, connecting with your energetic roots and absorbing nutrients from the soil while reaching up towards the sunlight.
  4. Let the growing plant teach you something about yourself and what you need to grow this spring. Say thank you to the plant for showing you these possibilities that you can nurture.


Creating an Altar

Rachael loves to make seasonal nature altars with her daughters. They collect things like bulbs, flowers, twigs, and feathers during their walks in spring. It's important to choose items that feel right for where you are in your life before arranging them on the altar.

When they put the altar together, they include elements representing water, earth, air, fire, and spirit. While arranging everything, they think about what they want to learn about themselves or what changes they hope will happen during springtime's renewal.



These ideas for connecting with spring's energy, both within us and in the world around us, help us sync our own rhythms with the changing seasons of the Earth. They serve as a reminder of our deep connection to the elements and energies that bring life to Earth every spring, and to the growth that occurs within us when we acknowledge our role in this process.



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