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How can we use plants to connect with intuitive energy? If you're anything like me, simply being around plants makes you feel happier, calmer, and more like your true self. I've always felt plants have some extra special magic that goes beyond their pretty leaves. That's why I was so excited to welcome back our resident “green witch” Rachael from Our Infinite Nature (formerly Infinite Succulent—yes, she just rebranded!) on the podcast this week to talk about how plant care can open up our intuition and help us reconnect with our own inner magic!


In this episode, we learn:

  • [02:46] Infinite Succulent just rebranded to Our Infinite Nature!
  • [03:27] Check out Rachael’s Intuitive Magic Group Coaching
  • [07:57] A little bit about Rachael’s background + certifications
  • [08:53] When did she discover her mediumship and intuitive talent?
  • [09:31] Reiki certification and intuitive coaching
  • [10:53] What is intuition?
  • [11:30] Understanding energy, spirit, and nature
  • [12:35] Why is learning intuition similar to learning a language?
  • [15:13] Experience mindfulness and coziness with personalized Wind River wind chimes!
  • [16:54] Make gardening easy with Tony O'Neill's Simplify Vegetable Gardening book!
  • [18:19] What is the symbiosis that happens when we get in tune with nature and with plants?
  • [19:25] What is the importance of cultivating intuition in harmony with nature?
  • [20:05] Impact of nervous system on intuition
  • [21:20] Is instinct similar to intuition?
  • [22:57] Take your Human Design personality!
  • [24:50] How can we use plants to connect with intuitive energy?
  • [26:17] Intuition is figuring out one's next step, not predicting the future
  • [27:36] How to recognize subtle communication with nature
  • [30:14] Get high-quality potting mixes, fertilizers, and more at Espoma Organic
  • [33:41] It's your choice to live life through magical lens or see it as trivial
  • [34:50] What is the role of energy in our lives?
  • [35:56] How working with plants allowed Rachael to experience life force energy
  • [38:34] What are some activities that can help you connect with plants and your intuition?
  • [44:12] How to connect with a tree? (a step-by-step guide)
  • [50:34] Where can you sign up for Rachael’s Intuitive Magic course?


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How Plants Connect Us To Our Intuition

As Rachael explained, intuition is our natural “language” for communicating with the universe and all things “subtle and energetic.” But in today's fast-paced world, it can be hard to hear our intuition or tap into those abilities. Spending quiet and relaxing time with plants can calm your body and mind, reducing distractions so you can think clearly.

Rachael puts it beautifully — intuition communicates through the “whispers” of the natural world, through sensations and symbols. When we sit with a plant, watch the sunlight on its leaves, feel its energy, and get lost in its beauty, we enter that intuitive space more easily.


Practices For Connecting To Plants

If you want to improve your intuition with plants, here are some ideas from Rachael:

  • Sit quietly with your houseplants, breathing together. Feel how their energies affect yours. 
  • Rub your hands together to increase your energy, and then place them around your plants and feel its aura—does it pull you in or push you back? See if you sense any messages like the plant needing water or food.
  • Put one hand on a tree trunk and the other on your heart. Take a deep breath and see if you can sense the tree's energy pulsing. Then, ask the tree to share its essence or how it perceives you!
  • Picture your “roots” connecting with the underground mycorrhizal networks in the soil, exchanging energy with the entire forest.

How cool would it be to actually feel what a tree thinks about you? Their subtle energies can sharpen our intuition, which often communicates non-verbally.


Benefits Beyond The Magic

The magical moments are amazing, but regularly connecting with plants like this brings even deeper benefits:

  • Nervous system regulation. Plants can activate the “rest and digest” mode, helping us relax, release tension, reduce anxiety, and better process our emotions.
  • Energy healing. When we attune ourselves to the subtle aspects of plants, we absorb their energy filled with light. Rachael suggests she channels this “prana” regularly, which keeps her vibrant and healthy.
  • Remembering interconnection. There's no more direct way to witness the beautiful interconnectedness of humans, plants, soil, sun, water, and all living beings.


Adopting A Magical Lens

Life can be so fun when you open up to some magic! I invite you to soften any defensiveness and let good-natured curiosity be your guide. See what opens up when you give yourself permission to be pleasantly surprised from time to time!


Rachael’s Course: Intuitive Magic

If this topic intrigues you and you want a more intensive experience, I recommend checking out Rachael’s Intuitive Magic Course, which explores intuitive gifts in-depth using plants and other tools of nature.

The course registration is open now! Wherever you are in your journey, may your plant allies help awaken your inner magic.



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