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How to care for ferns



So thrilled to welcome back Lisa from the Houseplant Guru for an EXTENSIVE chat about the wonderful world of ferns. We discuss why and how they are finicky and how to successfully care for them. We also discuss a fun variety of ferns to try for different personalities and answer a whole bunch of listener questions! Lisa has just published her FOURTH book Houseplant Party, filled with fun planty DIY projects for every type of person!

In this episode we learn:

  • Why Ferns are considered finicky
  • Where ferns live in nature and how that affects their ability to thrive indoors
  • How to best replicate their environment indoors
  • Lisas humidity hacks to help ferns thrive
  • Basic fern care: light, water, humidity
  • How to fertilize ferns
  • How to deal with mealybugs and scale with Ferns
  • How “systemic pest control” actually works (I had not idea!)
  • What are SPORES
  • How to identify common fern pests
  • Best ferns for different personalities
  • Lisas favorite ferns to try
  • Staghorn ferns
  • Best watering cans to use

Mentioned in this episode:

Lisa's new book Houseplant Party! (BAGR Amazon Affiliate Link)

How to Care for a Bird's Nest Fern

Great Grandma's Fern

A Fern For the Fern Challenged

Thank you to our episode sponsor: Territorial Seed Company!

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