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It’s always a pleasure to have my #plantfriendIRL Danae from Folia Collective back on the show. Danae is a beloved guest of BAGR from her episode on How to Start a Plant Shop. The Folia Collective shops are in Los Angeles and she has created an epic planty brand for herself and her shops that filled with the most gorgeous, varied plants and beautiful plant accessories.  Danae has always had an unbelievable eye for design and style and so it makes complete sense that she was tapped to write her new book which just came out:Houseplants for All: How to Fill Any Home with Happy Plants  This is a really unique book at the intersection of Plant Care and Plant Styling. I’m so excited about and Danae was nice enough to join me for a conversation around Plant Styling. I… am not so gifted with an eye for design, so this conversation was super informative and left me with lots of great ideas for projects and guidelines for our future home.

In this episode we learn:

  • How and why Danae started Folia Collective
  • Why she decided to create a book focused on plant styling and plant care
  • Danae's personal plant style
  • How to manage “trends” and the pressure to constantly buy new stuff
  • Why style and care need to go to together
  • What Danae's approach to plant style and plant consulting is
  • Maria outs her most embarrassing plant killer story
  • How to take the best instagram shot of your plants… and still have they stay healthy
  • How to match your lifestyle with your plants
  • Why Maria is the greatest planty Marie Kondo Student
  • Danae's plant styling tips

Danae's Tips for Styling Large Plant Collection to look Curated and not Cluttered

  • Choose a unifying theme for your planters (Maria's theme is white and terracotta)
  • Think about how you arrange your plants: varying height, texture and shapes
  • Group plants together (trays are a great way to bring groups together)
  • Stack pots on top of each other to create height. You can flip a pot upside down and put another pot on top

Mentioned in today's episode:

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