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“ [Airplants are]really whimsical and tough… in many ways a kind of metaphor for modern people. All this diversity and adaptation and this ability to thrive in any niche” – Josh Rosen, Airplantman


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I’m thrilled to be joined by the “Airplant Man” himself, Josh Rosen to discuss all things airplants. Airplants, or Tillandsia, are another popular houseplant you see in many magazines and on social media, but the care instructions online can be very varied and sometimes confusing. Having a small collection of airplants myself (and having killed a couple!) I knew this was a topic I needed the airplant expert for. Enter Josh! Josh is a licensed landscape architect who also is the founder of the company Airplantman: a company focused exclusively on custom installations and California-made products designed specifically for tillandsia. Airplantman installations can be seen throughout Southern California and the world and has been featured in numerous publications. He also has a whole line of airplant frames and vessels that are beautiful to look at and intentionally made. He gives us so much useful information on Airplants, from what they actually are to how to care for them. I know that I am a much better Airplant parent after my conversation with him!

In this episode we learn:

  • Josh’s upbring and how he connected with plants initially
  • Why outdoor gardeners say they can’t keep houseplants
  • What an airplant is, genus, family, and why it is special
  • What are trichomes
  • How Airplants get their nutrients
  • To fertilize or not to fertilize?
  • What airplant “blushing” is
  • How airplants bloom and how to care for them when they do
  • How to propagate airplants from their seeds
  • Airplant Care 101
  • Debunking watering plant myths
  • Everything we need to know about Airplant Pups
  • How to separate pups from their mother plant
  • What to know about the sexy and instagram friendly Xerografica Airplant
  • Josh’s top 5 recommendations for more uncommon airplants for the planty collector



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