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Thrilled as always to welcome Leslie Halleck back on the show. You will remember Leslie from our two part series on Understanding Natural Light and Propagation 101. She has two books, Plant Parenting- a guide to plant propagation and Gardening Under Lights. Today Leslie joins me to discuss everything we need to know about grow lights. Winter is coming plant friends, and many of us might need to take the plunge with additional grow lights to make sure our plants are happy and healthy. Personally, as my plant collection grew, I quickly realized I did not have the amount of light needed for the amount of plants I had collected. That's when I started bringing grow lights home to help keep all my plants happy. I also got really into using them as part of the design of our apartments, as my go to grow light companies, Soltech Solutions and Modern Sprout make gorgeous lights that actually enhance your homes aesthetic instead of making you look like you are up to something questionable. This is the second episode we’ve done on grow lights. The first one was Episode 12 with Chris Satch. I wanted to do another one because this science of grow lights, and photosynthesis can be tricky and it’s nice to hear it explained by various people. That’s why we have several episodes on succulents, and other topics. So listen to today’s episode, listen to it again, listen to episode 12, just keep listening and absorbing and learning.

In this episode we learn:

  • What Leslie’s personal grow light set up is
  • What photosynthesis is
  • Why light is important for plants
  • What the different colors of light do for plants and why “full spectrum” grow lights are so important
  • Lumens vs PAR vs Kelvin = how to measure light
  • What the best choice of grow lights for indoor houseplants are
  • Defining “bright indirect” for a grow light
  • Patreon Plant Friend and listener Questions !

Mentioned in today's episode!

Leslie's books: Gardening Under Lights and Plant Parenting: Easy Ways to Make New Houseplants

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Modern Sprout: use code “Bloom” for 15% off

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