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Designing and Planning My Garden // Coaching with Nicole of Gardenary, Ep 120

garden design



I think we all know that there are a lot of lessons to be learned in the garden and that's twofold: literally how to garden and how to grow food, reconnect with our food chain, and deepen our relationship with nature. I am so excited to deepen my gardening knowledge this summer with My First Garden Series, where I troubleshoot and try my first shot at outdoor gardening outside of the tiny balcony garden that I have had since I've launched the show. In this episode, I invite Nicole from Gardenary for an in-depth garden coaching, sprinkled with wonderful insights about self-love, reconnecting with nature, and just life in general. Let’s dive in!


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In this episode we learn:

  • [00:04:40] The exciting news for the Bloom and Grow community!
  • [00:08:23] Who is Nicole Burke of Gardenary, how she turned into a gardener, and how gardening has helped her regain her sense of self
  • [00:11:37] How the idea behind Gardenary came to be and Nicole’s ultimate dream for the company
  • [00:15:10] Maria shares her first garden experience, her gardening education, and what she hopes to accomplish this gardening season
  • [00:16:47] The advantages of raised bed gardening vs row gardening and in-ground gardening
  • [00:18:03] The minimum space, cost, and time requirements for beginner gardeners
  • [00:22:07] Nicole’s raised bed suggestion for long and rectangular plots of land and how to work with constraints in your garden
  • [00:25:20] What is the maximum width for a garden bed? How much space should you put in between your garden beds?
  • [00:30:43] How to address garden planning overwhelm and why Nicole believes gardening shouldn’t take time
  • [00:32:45] Why setting up your garden properly is doing 90% of the work
  • [00:34:37] Maria shares her favorite stroll and gardening companion
  • [00:36:25] Where to get the best grow lights for all plant needs and the best seed starter packages for this season!
  • [00:39:06] The best gardening advice Maria has gotten from her mom
  • [00:39:54] Nicole shares the meaning behind her saying “think about nature” and how to reshape our thinking when it comes to plants and their growing abilities
  • [00:43:47] Which plants should you mix in in your bed? How understanding plant families and the best seasons to grow them can give you the best yield
  • [00:47:04] Should you be mindful of shading when combining large plants with smaller ones? Nicole shares the better factors that you should consider: temperature and timing
  • [00:49:39] Where should you face your beds?
  • [00:50:53] Should you start flowers from seeds or from seedlings? What are the best flowers to grow for beginners?
  • [00:54:06] The best smaller sunflowers to grow and where to place them in your garden bed
  • [00:55:25] Since most trellises are expensive, can you make a trellis on your own?
  • [00:57:20] How many cherry tomato plants do you need to achieve Nicole’s amazing tomato arch?
  • [00:59:27] Can you grow more than one plant on one trellis? Nicole shares some garden style tips when growing vines
  • [01:00:46] The magic of gardening and what this hobby teaches us about life and growth
  • [01:01:27] Why everyone should try kitchen gardening
  • [01:05:02] Maria’s current garden situation and what she is looking forward to!

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