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Episode 60: Live Taping! DIY Succulent Crowns with Infinite Succulent

Rachael is the plant lady behind Infinite Succulent and the author of the succulent crafting book Infinite Succulent: Miniature Living Art to Keep or Share. The book is filled with incredible and easy succulent crafts for any skill level. I have been obsessed with succulent crowns ever since I found them on Instagram over a year ago and got one for myself on my last trip to San Diego. I’ve wanted to do an episode on DIY Succulent Crowns for a year and I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to finally be bringing an episode to you because I just always feel so special and giddy whenever I’ve worn one in the past. They are such a fun craft to do with friends or your kids. I hope you enjoy our wonderful conversation!

At this live taping, Rachael walks Maria (and guests) through making their own succulent crowns from start to finish and teaches us how to replant our crowns to have them live on forever.

A few heads up about this episode

1)   the nursery and space for this event was so perfect, we were surround by every dream plant you couldn't imagine in this little green house on the property, but you can hear some shoppers milling about in the background at times, and might hear some cars or sirens passing on the local roads. Don’t let it deter you- they will pass.

2)   2) Rachael and I do our very best to explain what we are doing while we were doing it- but real talk, this was the first time trying to do a live taping/DIY event like this. Our amazing photographer Gabaccia, took some amazing companion photos, and made an adorable video as a companion to this episode, so head to the show notes at to see the photos of what we were talking about. I also do a general overview of all of the instructions at the end of the episode.

3)   Incase it isn’t clear in the start of the episode- Rachael has two different types of succulent crown crafts that she offers in her book- I did the tie back version, which is basically the succulents attached to the lace on leather string that ties around my head (because my head is huge and normal crowns don't fit it) and then she does the actual headband versions. There are photos of both, but when you hear us talking about the differences, that’s what we are talking about.

In this episode we learn:

  • How Rachael began crafting with plants and why she feels they are important activities for children and adults
  • What materials you need for a succulent crown
  • How to take a proper clipping for a succulent craft
  • Step by step process for crafting you very own succulent crown
  • How to care for the crowns once they are completed
  • How and when to separate and root your cuttings
  • Best practices for rooting your cuttings once they are done
  • Everything about the creation of Rachael’s new book Infinite Succulent: Miniature Living Art to Keep or Share

Thank you so much to Rachael again for making my dreams come true by helping me bring a succulent crown tutorial to life. Plant friends… they are so fun to wear. I feel like I will be doing this craft at every bachelorette party I ever go to again. Also Rachael's book Infinite Succulent: Miniature Living Art to Keep or Share is absolutely amazing! You should check it out if you want more support on this craft, or are curious about all the amazing other succulent crafts in there. It's the perfect gift for the crafty person or planty person in your life! Thank you to Barrel and Branches Nursery for hosting, make sure to visit next time you are in San Diego. Thank you to C&L Catering and Decor for providing such yummy snacks!

*Link to this book is the Bloom and Grow Amazon Affiliate link, meaning BAGR makes a small portion of the sale, at no cost to you! So thanks!

I know our conversation flowed a lot, so:

Overview of the craft:

  • Start with several cuttings of succulents, cut right up to the leaves or what I call “booty” of the succulent, and let the cut callous. The materials you need are three pieces of sturdy lace, some form of headband whether its an actual metal or plastic one, or string for the tieback version, reindeer moss, craft glue or a hot glue gun, and any other articles you might want to fasten to the crown
  • Glue two pieces of lace together, then take that sturdy piece, and place the headband in between the third piece of lace and glue those pieces together. That will be the working surface for your crown.
  • Glue reindeer moss onto the crown, and trim it very short to the lace. This will be what you fasten your succulents to.
  • Get an idea of the general design of the crown, and then start gluing. Start with your largest succulent. It looks nice to do a large succulent with one or two small ones around it, to kind of mimic what a pup would look like in nature.

Photos by Gabaccia 

Also if you are interested in making your own crowns, the materials are available in my Amazon Storefront under DIY Succulent Crowns (I also have lots of other recommendations for products I like and inspo from other episodes) and Rachael has craft kits with everything you need to make the crafts from her book on her website.

Thank you to Mountain Crest Gardens for sponsoring this episode. If you are looking for high quality succulents shipped to your door, check out to get your discount code for 15% your first purchase. They sell high quality cuttings specifically for crafting on their site, so this would be a perfect fit! Go give them a look at for 15% off.


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