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So thrilled to be joined again by Leslie Halleck after the wildly successful two part episode on Understanding Natural Light (Episodes 46 and 47) last season. After the success of her recent book, Gardening Under Lights, Leslie published a new book this month on propagation called Plant Parenting. Today Leslie joins me to discuss not the techniques for propagation, by how plants actually multiply. Today’s episode is meant to help us zoom out and understand the overarching reasons for why the propagation projects we know and love are so successful. It is the perfect conversation to enrich our understanding of our plants and how intelligently designed they are.

Leslie Halleck is a Horticulturalist by education and profession with a passion for plants and gardening. She has worked in many sectors of the gardening industry, from nurseries, to being the Director of Horticulture Research at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden to founding Halleck Horticultural, a consulting service for Green Industry businesses. Her book, Gardening under Lights; The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers, is the ultimate guide to understanding artificial lighting for indoor growers of any experience level. Her new book Plant Parenthood

In this episode we learn:

  • what is Totipotency
  • the different types of cuttings for propagation
  • roots vs shoots
  • How to properly propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree- and what not to do
  • the most common way to propagate
  • the science behind how plant cuttings instigate root growth (and dos and don'ts you need to know)
  • best practices for taking great cuttings
  • best cuttings to start with for beginners

Mentioned in the episode:

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