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Episode 38: Transitioning Your Plants Back Indoors for Winter with Chris from The Sill




For those of you lucky enough to have outdoor space that you put your houseplants in for the warm summer months, this episode is for you! There comes the time with that first snap of fall weather, when we realize the lovely Summer is over and it’s time to bring our plants back indoors, to protect them from the upcoming cold months. But there is an art to this transition. It isn’t as simple as just grabbing the pot and sticking it on your kitchen table. So Chris from The Sill joins me to break down exactly what the two week process of transitioning your plants back indoors looks like. This has been a highly requested episode, and I’m so excited to bring it to you!

Chris is the Plant Scientist at The Sill and a dear Plant Friend of Mine. If you don’t know already, The Sill is a plant brand with two brick and mortar shops in NYC and an online shop that delivers nation wide. Their quality of plants, and the way they ship plants is unparalleled. They have a huge focus on education with awesome online classes and in person classes in their stores. The also just launched the Plant Parent Club which is their monthly plant subscription service! Visit to learn more.

In this episode we learn:

  • When exactly it’s time to bring your plants indoors for the cold months
  • How to prepare your plants before you bring them inside
  • How to manage pest outbreaks that might come from the outdoors
  • Should we worry about fungus?
  • How you need to trust yourself to create your own care guide
  • How to prepare your apartment for winter
  • How you will care for your plant differently in the winter than the summer
  • How to trust the dormancy
  • Annuals vs Perennials
  • What to do with the plants we leave outdoors for the winter



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If you are interested in using grow lights to help your plants stay happy this winter, listen to Episode 12 of Bloom and Grow Radio, where Chris joins me to discuss the science of light and everything we need to know when choosing the right light for our apartment.

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