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Wedding Flower Crash Course for To Be Weds with Corina of The Botaniste, Ep 142



There is so much power in flowers, plant friends. A flower is so much more than a bloom, but an expression, a connection to something deeper. Whatever our known or unknown bias for blooms is, flowers are little joy bombs just waiting to be cut or grown. It’s undeniable that flowers also can play a huge part in a wedding day: from the ceremonial bouquet and corsage to the ceremony and reception flowers can be used to enliven a wedding day, and also express a part of yourself through your choices. But as a tropical foliage lover, I was actually tremendously out of my depth when it came to understanding what went into wedding florals, or flowers in general when I was planning our wedding. As wedding florals are also a huge investment, I found myself going through a little wedding floral crash course of my own and with my florist, Corina of The Botaniste. In this episode, Corina and I share all things wedding flowers so that you know where to start come your wedding planning!


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In this episode we learn:

  • [02:22] Introducing Corina
  • [04:16] What to expect of the last episode of My Botanically Inspired Wedding Series
  • [09:29] Corina shares her experiences planning wedding florals with couples
  • [10:33] Why Pinterest is every bride’s best friend AND worst enemy
  • [11:52] How Corina became a plant lady and how she started The Botaniste
  • [17:29] Corina’s biggest influences in floral styling
  • [18:18] What are current and upcoming trends for wedding flowers?
  • [19:46] What elements are there in a tablescape?
  • [22:28] Is there a difference between wedding flowers and event flowers?
  • [26:14] Maria shares her decision-making process with her wedding florals
  • [28:02] How flowers elevate any event
  • [29:26] How to preserve your wedding flowers
  • [31:00] What are the best and the worst flowers to have at your wedding?
  • [34:01] Which flower is an alternative to peonies?
  • [35:54] New rose varieties to try in your wedding flowers
  • [39:27] How to condition cut flowers
  • [41:23] How to keep cut hydrangeas from wilting
  • [42:58] Where to get the best organic indoor and outdoor gardening products
  • [44:12] Planning to grow from seeds this coming garden season?
  • [48:15] How to work with florists and where to start with your wedding flower planning
  • [52:33] Building a trusting relationship with your wedding florist
  • [55:08] Corina’s advice for couples planning to DIY their wedding
  • [58:51] Maria’s garland and greenery vision
  • [01:00:40] How to style a wedding with greenery
  • [01:03:38] Incorporating bud vases in your wedding
  • [01:07:55] Adding statement greenery to your wedding venue and reception
  • [01:12:49] What you should know about greenery
  • [01:14:38] Corina’s ultimate tip for wedding planners and contractors
  • [01:15:15] Corina’s current favorite flowers and combinations
  • [01:17:00] What Maria loved about blushing bride protea
  • [01:18:08] Where you can hire Corina as your florist
  • [01:20:25] Maria’s Wedding Series reflections

Mentioned in the conversation:

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