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Moving is such a pain in the neck. Packing boxes, saying goodbye to familiar surroundings, and navigating new neighborhoods—it's enough to make anyone break a sweat. But you know what can be worse than that, plant friends? Moving with houseplants!

If you know, you know, and if you haven't moved with your houseplant collection yet, consider yourself lucky. Our guest today just moved across countries and into a different garden zone. We've both moved multiple times in the last few years, dragging our plant collections of over a hundred plants each, far and wide. This conversation with Becca from Becca De La Plants was also very heartfelt, as we discussed not only moving with plants but also how it relates to our lives.


In this episode, we learn:

  • [03:32] What have the last couple of years looked like for Becca?
  • [06:08] How does it feel to move into a completely different garden zone? (from zone 9 to 6)
  • [09:06] Did Tucson spark Becca's gardening passion, or was it the Missouri land?
  • [15:33] Make this summer unforgettable with personalized Wind River Chimes!
  • [17:04] Discover how tending to your houseplants can improve your well-being with “Happy Plants, Happy You” by Kamili Bell Hill
  • [18:06] How Becca’s houseplant collection changed since she moved to Missouri
  • [19:56] How does Becca divide her time between plants, work, and her baby?
  • [22:00] How did Becca decide which plants to keep when moving?
  • [26:36] Maria’s method of moving plants
  • [31:03] New home, new garden? Discover new gardening essentials at Gardener's Supply Company
  • [33:52] Moving is stressful, let’s admit that
  • [34:31] What other things should you do on moving day?
  • [37:19] What difficulties arise in Becca's first month of adjusting to her new home?
  • [41:58] Maria’s evolving home setups for podcasting
  • [46:21] How life phases (motherhood, new homes, and personal growth) influence changes in style and confidence?
  • [52:07] Becca’s profound experience with a plant that shifted her perspective on life
  • [58:07] Advice for people moving to a completely different place
  • [01:01:37] Take advice from the old ladies at a garden center
  • [01:02:53] Where can you find Becca on social media?



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Preparing to Move

Moving with houseplants is a whole different thing from just moving non-living things. In fact, when Becca was preparing to move from Tucson to Missouri, she committed to getting a U-Haul just for her plants! She suggests watering them well, doing some pest control, and start packing them up. 

You can use regular boxes and if you have taller plants, tall wardrobe boxes fully cover your plant and work great. Becca used open crates with leaves hanging out, which did suffer some damage.

As for me, I packed my car full of plants and had the movers take our other belongings. I also was able to move my plants in my new place a day ahead to minimize stress. I used footlockers—those deep plastic tubs, placing the bigger plants at the bottom with towels and nestling the smaller planters around them. I also made newspaper cones to protect the leaves.


The Big Move Day

Plants are actually a lot tougher than we give them credit for! They can handle being in the dark for a few days if needed (provided they are still in a controlled environment).

Becca's cross-country move with her plants was a two-day drive. She stopped overnight, leaving the plants in the U-Haul when it was warm enough, but bringing them into the hotel when it got too cold.

The season of the move can also affect how stressful it is. A winter move is tough, of course, because your plants could suffer from cold. It’s definitely ideal to plan to move out during early fall or late spring (if possible).


Nesting in the New Space

Be kind to yourself during this transition period of adjusting to your new home. Moving is hard enough without being too self-critical about how quickly you're settling in. Use your plants as a way to make your new space feel homey and “you.”

Becca's new home has a sunroom that she's turned into a stunning plant room. Moving and becoming a new mom caused her to downsize her collection by about 20 plants, some by choice and some that just didn't make it.

For me, as a renter, my plant spaces have evolved with each move, but I always prioritize setting up my office and filming area first, using my plants to anchor the space and make it feel like home.


Lessons from the Leaf

Becca and I have both gone through some major life changes and moves recently. Even though our paths have looked a bit different, we're both on this constant path of learning new things about ourselves and what roads we want to go down.

Becca's parting advice for those making an extreme move: “Give yourself plenty of time to land and adjust in every way—yourself and your plants. Give yourself just as much, if not more, grace than your plants.”

Don’t judge yourself if you need to rehome some plants during a move. You can give them to local nursing homes, hospitals, or your other plant friends! Making someone’s day with your gifted plants is far better than throwing them out.

Additionally, find your local plant shop as soon as possible in your new home. It can offer a sense of community and a chance to connect with fellow plant lovers.

Tip: The old ladies from garden centers always have the BEST gardening advice.

Enjoy the ride and think that it’s all part of your journey. Be open to those changes and keep growing joy!



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