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Episode 84: African Violets 101 with Lisa from Houseplant Guru


african violets 101



African Violets are having a comeback, plant friends! You heard it here first. I know a lot of people feel like African Violets are their “grandma's houseplants”, but this flowering gesneriad brings cute fuzzy leaves and bright, multi-colored blooms to the tropical landscape of our urban jungles. What's not to love! They can sometimes be thought of as finicky, so Lisa the “Houseplant Guru” joins me to walk me through every step to African Violet success! Lisa is the author of Grow in the Dark: How to Choose and Care for Low Light Houseplants and Houseplants: The Complete Guide. I love her books (and the episode we did previously on Low Light Plants) and I love her!

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In this episode we learn:

  • Where African Violets Originate
  • How they grow outdoors
  • What is a gesneriad
  • Care: watering, light, soil
  • Best watering practices for African Violets
  • When to repot
  • How to Fertilize
  • Bloom Cycles- how to have your violet stay in bloom
  • Troubleshooting listeners from our Patreon Supporters!

Links mentioned in the episode:

AVSA or African Violet Society of America.

The national convention is in Little Rock, Arkansas this year, Sunday May 24-Sunday May 31.

It moves every year so if it isn’t close to you this year, next year, it may be. It is a huge event including a judged show (where you will see African violets like you’ve never seen) as well as a marketplace to buy all things violets, and educational presentations, too.

Self-watering pots:

Oyama pots- the wicking material is perlite. Here is an article about how to use them. There were only sites I’m not sure about to order them from. On the AVSA website there is a supplies button and it takes you to all the vendors for plants and supplies. That includes the Oyama and Dandy pot.

Plants: Two very reputable companies.




African Violet Photos of the topics discussed provided by Lisa!

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