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growing cannabis part 2,Episode 70 Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast



Thrilled to bring you part two of the Growing Cannabis episode series! In this conversation I’ve sat down with Rooney Bloom, a home grower of cannabis, and Chudy Azuogu, a commercial grower of cannabis, for a “compare and contrast” conversation on growing Cannabis from seed to harvest. Last week, on episode 69 we discussed set up, seed starting and the vegetative stage, today we discuss flowering, harvesting and curing.  This conversation is so much more about growing plants, the unbelievable advances in science that allow indoor growers to replicate outdoor growing, and learning about a very trendy industry! I hope you enjoy!

In this episode we learn:

  • How to get the plant to flower in a commercial set up and why growers manipulate grow lights during this process
  • How Cannabis flowers naturally outdoors
  • The process of caring for Cannabis after it flowers day 1, day 7 and day 21
  • Caring for Cannabis outdoors
  • How to know when to harvest
  • What a trichome is
  • What tool you need to see when it’s time to harvest
  • How to harvest in a commercial grow house
  • How to harvest as a home grower
  • The bud drying process commercially and at home
  • What are terpenes
  • How to “burp” your bud
  • The lifespan of a cannabis plant in a commercial grow house VS outdoors
  • Pest Control
  • How the commercial grower has to comply with the government to grow legally
  • How Chudy feels about being a pioneer in the Cannabis industry
  • Final thoughts on Cannabis from a home grower and a commercial grower

 Check out the behind the scenes tour of Chudy's commercial grow facility here!

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