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The Fiddle Leaf Fig, also known as Ficus Lyrata, has been steadily taking over our instagram, pinterest and drool worthy magazine spreads for some time now. It seems to be many interior designers favorite planty accent to a room. Although it may be a plant that’s a go to for design, it isn’t a recommended “beginner” plant, as it’s been known to be somewhat finicky or high maintenance. Today, Erin Kobayashi, of the instagram account @leighkiyoko, joins us to talk all things Fiddle Leaf Fig. Erin is the proud plant mom of TWO fiddle leaf fig trees: Figgy Spice and Notorious F.I.G. and she joins us to discuss her journey caring for these plants and what she’s learned along the way. She is also the cofounder of the #FLFFriday hashtag with @alina.fassakhova and shares the reason for creating the #flffriday movement.

In this episode we learn:

  • The story behinds Erin’s personal collection and what plant she is loving these days
  • The stories behind her two insta famous Fiddle Leaf Figs- Notorious FIG and Figgy Spice
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Care 101- water, light, fertilizing, pruning
  • Types of Fiddle Leaf Plants
  • Why they are so appealing
  • Why Erin created #FLFFriday with Alina

Mentioned in the conversation:

Black Coral Taro (Colocasia Esculenta)


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Special thank you to the Bloom and Grow Radio Media Plant Lady Intern Chelsey Zaplachinski for editing this episode! She is another Canadian on the Bloom and Grow Team! Check out her incredible planty photos at @plants_vs_cats and her gorgeous photography portfolio @chelseymeganmedia

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