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How They Built A Million Dollar Plant Company: Plantrepreneur Profile with Soltech, Ep 198



Soltech has achieved remarkable success in recent years, growing from a small startup to a million-dollar business. For long-time listeners, you probably bought their grow lights already using my coupon code Bloom15, and I’m sure you love them as much as I do! And for those who haven’t, join me in this episode as we talk in-depth with Soltech’s founders and my dear plant friends—Chris, Mike, and Paul—about their remarkable journey, the challenges they overcame, and the strategies that propelled them to the pinnacle of success.


In this episode, we learn:

  • [06:13] Get to know the three people behind SolTech
  • [09:33] What is it like to create a multi-million dollar plant brand?
  • [11:28] Which came first, their friendship or the business?
  • [12:19] What role did plants play in their college lives?
  • [12:58] When did they realize the untapped potential and demand for high-quality grow lights
  • [15:58] The tale of Soltech grow lights
  • [19:17] Where can you find premium, handcrafted wind chimes that are perfect for gifting?
  • [24:03] Difficult sacrifices the founders had to make
  • [25:45] Living together and building Soltech
  • [26:52] What was their method of accountability and reinforcement for their shared vision?
  • [30:48] Reassuring signs of progress amid challenges and doubts
  • [34:19] How did community development become integral to Soltech?
  • [37:34] Low-cost strategies that resulted in significant results
  • [44:02] House plant grow lights vs. cannabis cultivation lights
  • [45:26] Why is manipulating the photosynthetic spectrum important in creating a full spectrum grow light?
  • [47:02] Why different plants require different colors in the spectrum
  • [49:12] New product launching soon: Grove LED bar light
  • [54:27] Tips for installing a grow light and ideal plant distance
  • [58:38] Obstacles and teachable moments
  • [01:08:13] What were some notable moments or achievements in the past year that Soltech's founders go “holy shit”?
  • [01:16:38] Where can you find Soltech on social media?


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Soltech’s Background

Soltech was created by three friends who shared a passion for sustainability and the environment. They began the company in a small town in Pennsylvania and made a promise to hire people from the local area and support the community. Soltech’s first product, the Aspect grow light, was made out of their desire to create a more attractive and efficient grow light for homes and businesses.

The founders noticed that there was a gap in the market for plant products that are functional and look nice too. They wanted to make products that not only helped plants grow but also made space look better overall. This commitment to both looks and functionality has been a big reason why Soltech has been successful.


Overcoming Challenges

Like any startup, Soltech faced significant challenges in the early days of the business. But the founders stayed focused on their goals and worked really hard to overcome problems. One of the biggest challenges they had was making people understand how useful grow lights can be. Many were not aware of the potential benefits of grow lights, and Soltech had to put in a lot of effort to teach people about how their products could help.

Another big challenge was dealing with platforms like Amazon. While using platforms like Amazon gave them a chance to reach more people, it also brought new problems like more competition and complex rules. The founders had to learn how to adjust and change their plans to deal with these challenges. 

Like Paul said, “We faced our fair share of challenges, but we never let them discourage us. Each obstacle became an opportunity for growth and innovation.”


Building a Strong Team

Soltech's success can be attributed in part to its commitment to building a strong team. The founders knew that it was important to hire the right people who believed in their vision. They found a good balance between giving responsibilities to others and keeping the company's vision intact. They also formed good relationships with their team members and made sure the work environment was positive.


Partnerships and Milestones

Soltech's product quality and innovation were confirmed by forming important partnerships with well-known tech companies and working on commercial projects. These partnerships not only helped them grow but also brought new opportunities their way. Their exceptional work was acknowledged through prestigious awards and recognition from industry organizations, which further established their position as a leading and innovative company in the plant industry.

Chris proudly shares, “Our partnerships have been game-changers for us. Collaborating with industry leaders has not only expanded our reach but also allowed us to continuously push the boundaries of what's possible.”


The Grove LED Bar Light Launch

Soltech's newest product, the Grove LED bar light, shows how innovative and dedicated the company is to making products that are useful and look good too. The Grove has special features and can be used in different ways, and Soltech is offering exclusive access for VIP members and pre-orders for the general public.

The Grove is a special product that lets people grow plants in various places, from small apartments to big commercial spaces. It's made to work well and also look nice, with a modern and stylish design that goes well with any space. The Grove is also very flexible, with adjustable light settings that let users create the perfect growing environment for different kinds of plants.


Lessons and Insights for Aspiring Plantrepreneurs

Soltech's journey holds valuable lessons for aspiring plantrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in general. Their resilience in the face of challenges, dedication to understanding customer needs, and commitment to sustainable growth and social responsibility set them apart. 

Soltech's success story serves as an inspiration to dream big, persevere, and create a lasting impact in the world.


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