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Do you want to learn how to grow mushrooms at home? In the third episode of our Mushroom Mini-series, Billy and I share how you can enjoy the process of growing mushrooms indoors. Our relationship as co-hosts, and more importantly, as life partners, has made this journey more delightful. We enjoy our time together as self-proclaimed “mushroom farmers,” learning and growing together. In this episode, we are grateful to welcome back Louis from North Spore who shares his mushroom expertise and beginner-friendly tips!


In this episode, we learn:

  • [05:42] What is it like being a mushroom farmer?
  • [06:40] Multiple harvests from the grow kits through proper moisture management
  • [08:51] Debunking magic mushroom misconceptions
  • [2:44] Billy and Maria’s positive experiences with Lion's mane mushroom
  • [14:34] How do you grow mushrooms indoors?
  • [14:44] #1 Spray & Grow Kits (The perfect beginner species!)
  • [18:02] #2 Fruiting Blocks
  • [19:17] Where can you get premium quality growlights?
  • [21:05] Where can you find delightful wind chimes that make for a perfect gift choice?
  • [22:23] #3 Martha Tents (aka North Spore’s Boom Room)
  • [25:36] How do you avoid mold with a Martha tent?
  • [28:18] What's the ideal humidity level on the humidistat for the fruiting blocks?
  • [30:39] What comprises a fruiting block and what goes into making it?
  • [32:17] How do you distinguish spawns versus spores?
  • [37:13] How do you pasteurize something?
  • [37:58] What would be three great beginner mushrooms to start in a grow tent?
  • [40:09] Economics of mushroom cultivation
  • [42:26] Can a Martha tent enable a wider range of mushroom growth compared to a mono tub?
  • [43:21] #3 Mono tub
  • [50:22] What are the two substrates of Nameko mushrooms?
  • [54:23] Who is North Spore?


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Spray & Grow Kits

Louis explained that spray and grow kits are perfect for beginners who have no prior experience growing mushrooms. At North Spore, they offer four types of these kits: Pink Oyster, Golden Oyster, Blue Oyster, and Lion's Mane. These mushrooms are tough, grow quickly, and can adapt well. You don't need a fancy setup, but you do need a humid environment, good airflow, some light, and cleanliness.

Even with just a spray and grow kit, you can easily create a small humidity chamber. Grab a plastic bag, poke some holes in it, and put it over the box. This will keep more moisture in and help your mushrooms grow better.


Fruiting Block Varieties

Fruiting blocks are ready-to-use substrates for growing mushrooms. They already have mycelium and pasteurized substrate, which makes them easy to use and increases your chances of success.

North Spore has fruiting blocks for different types of mushrooms, so you can choose the ones you like. They are also affordable and save you time, which is great for busy people!


Martha Tents

Martha Tent is a more accessible option for growing mushrooms. Just set it up with a few things to make sure there's good airflow: a fan with a vent, a humidifier, and a humidistat to control humidity levels. You can use a humidifier and a grow tent that you might already have for your plants.

Louis explained that it's better to have the humidifier connected externally and a system that sucks air from the bottom and pushes it out from the top. This way, you can direct the spores outside instead of having them spread all over your space. Another option is to vent the air towards a standing air purifier.

If you can't make your own Martha Tent, you can always get North Spore's BoomRoom kit, which is a self-contained and fully automated chamber for growing and incubating mushrooms.



A monotub is a plastic container used for growing mushrooms, especially manure-based mushrooms. To start, you mix prepared substrate (either made from manure or a mix of vermiculite and gypsum) with mushroom mycelium spawn in the tub. This creates a nutrient-rich environment for the mycelium to grow and spread. It's important to keep everything clean to avoid mold or contaminants.

Sanitizing the tub and the area around it, ensuring good ventilation, and controlling the temperature and humidity are also crucial for success.


Beginner Mushrooms to Grow in a Grow Tent

  • Reishi: Can be grown right in the bag and doesn't necessarily require a tent, but it can benefit from being in one.
  • Lion's Mane: Performs better in a grow tent compared to growing on a countertop.
  • Chestnut: Not difficult to grow, though it takes a little longer.
  • Italian oyster: Perfect for beginners as they colonize quickly

There are many different methods of growing mushrooms indoors, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.  Regardless of which beginner mushroom varieties you choose to grow, it's always best to start with small steps and enjoy the process.


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