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Of all the plants I’m feeling drawn to these days, Alocasia are at the top of my list. I feel like their weird, semi heart-shaped, semi ovular-shaped leaves look like little alien heads looking at me, popping out from my collection to say hello. They are oddly friendly but also strange-looking plants that I’m obsessed with. There are so many reasons to love Alocasia, from the unique leaf shape to their gorgeous vein patterns and the incredible variety of colors you see, I’m particularly entranced by Alocasia cuprea. Today, we are joined by Enid from NSE Tropicals again to dive deep into Alocasia care and best plants for different types of plant parents. I dare you to not try this amazing genus of plants after listening, sweet plant friend.


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In this episode we learn:

  • [04:13] Reintroducing Enid, why Maria is OBSESSED with alocasia, and what this episode has in store
  • [05:19] Where can you find alocasias in nature?
  • [06:00] With their similar beautiful features, how can you tell alocasias and anthurium apart?
  • [07:44] What Maria loves about alocasias
  • [08:17] Do alocasias love humidity? What kind of potting mix is ideal for them?
  • [10:35] How often should you water your alocasias?
  • [10:53] Is there a particular light situation that alocasias like?
  • [12:41] What you should always remember when taking care of alocasias (or anthuriums!)
  • [13:27] Enid shares how often she uses fertilizer and what fertilizer she uses on her alocasias
  • [14:20] The experience behind why Maria is intimidated by alocasias
  • [14:42] What happens to alocasias during their dormant period? What are things you can do when they are dormant?
  • [17:42] Where to best get your garden planting needs this season!
  • [19:37] Is there a perfect starter plant for everyone? Maria compiled the best ones suited for YOU
  • [20:55] What is a corm and how does it function for alocasias?
  • [21:25] How do you propagate alocasias? Can you propagate from their leaves?
  • [22:06] Enid shares the most common mistake you might be making with your alocasias!
  • [22:41] How do you save an alocasia from root rot? Can you STILL save it?
  • [24:06] On the ground or in a pot, what’s the best way to keep alocasias upright and prevent them from tipping over?
  • [25:13] What potting situation do alocasias prefer?
  • [26:03] The possible explanation on why your alocasia is growing more flowers than leaves
  • [27:21] Is preventing your alocasias’ dormancy harmful for them in the long-term?
  • [28:53] You alocasias are actually pretty smart!
  • [29:35] Enid’s alocasia recommendations for all stages of plant parents!
  • [30:18] Maria and Enid share their stories with the hardy alocasia Polly
  • [33:48] Maria talks about the alocasias she currently owns and her future plans for this genus!



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Alocasia photos discussed in the episode


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