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Plant Friends, you’ve heard me talk about my “Plant Co Parent” on this podcast, you’ve seen in him in our Botanicals and Booze Happy Hour Insta-stories, or maybe in our most recent Wallygro Install insta-story, and now, it’s time for me to officially introduce to the love of my life, and “partner in plants,” Billy Morrissey, to you.

This past year and a half has been big for me with leaving my Plant Killer Ways and becoming a Crazy Plant Lady, but it’s also been a whirlwind for my live in boyfriend, Billy. He has been there every step of the way as I’ve built our Urban Jungle, and this podcast, and let me tell you… although the process has been magical and I wouldn’t change a thing, it hasn’t been the easiest. He has had this intense hobby thrust upon him, and over this past year or so, we’ve learned a lot about how to manage my new found passion while still having a healthy relationship and a happy (and uncluttered) home.

So plant friends… this episode isn’t necessarily for YOU… it’s for your partners, your friends, your roommates, the people in your lives that indirectly benefit (I hope they think benefit, they might think suffer) from our planty hobby. Billy prepared a bunch of tips he’d like to share that he’s learned along the way in dealing with my 0-60 planty explosion in our apartment. I’d love for you to share this episode with those “plant co-parents” in your life, but also I hope this episode inspires you to take a minute and admire and respect those who embrace our hobby with open arms, and maybe inspire some ideas for projects for you and your partners in the future!

In this episode we learn:

  • the secret behind the Bloom and Grow Radio themesong
  • how Billy first reacted when I went crazy about plants
  • how we’ve grown and learned to communicate about my new hobby
  • tips from Billy on how to live with a Crazy Plant Person

So that’s Billy, my plant friends. Since I’m on tour now, and he will be fully in charge of our plants while I’m gone, expect to hear more from him. I find it kind of sweet that when I started this podcast, I was a complete novice, and now as I leave for tour, Billy is kind of where I was a year ago (as I’ve been the primary plant caretaker this year). I’m excited to watch him bloom and grow and learn more about our plants and think it might be fun to have him check in on him on the show and see what he’s learned. We’ll see how that unfolds.


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Thank you again to Wallygro for sponsoring this episode. To learn about your indoor and outdoor options for your OWN vertical garden or greenwall, head to and use BLOOM20 at checkout for 20% off.



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