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Episode 107: How to Care for a Large Plant Collection with @cyrilcybernated, @soulsistaplants and @welcometothejunglehome

how to care for a large plant collection



Boy of boy am I excited about this EPICly planty conversation. This episode is inspired largely by the responses in the BAGR 2020 Listener Survey I’ve been combing through. Many of us in the community are loving collecting plants, but have struggled with the overwhelm of learning how to manage your ever growing collections- so I decided to ask three plantstagrammers who have collections I’ve admired for a while, to pick their brains for their top tips for organizing, managing and designing with their plant collections of 75+ plants.

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I’m going to be honest with you plant friends, I wrestled with the idea for this episode, because I in no way want this episode to make anyone feel pressured to increase their collections. I want to stress this: the right number of plants is completely different for each person, for some people it’s 3 and no more, for others, like our fab guests, it’s more! I want to encourage everyone to go for quality,  not quantity and stick with the amount of plants that brings you joy and not stress. I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts on this and my personal collection at the end of this episode after the conversation comes to a close, so listen to the end!

THAT being said, for those of you WITH larger collections who might be struggling or curious about how other plant parents do it- this episode is jammed packed with amazing ideas that i hope leave you inspired! You can also check out some clips of this episode on the youtube channel, where you can see their planty set ups and beautiful faces if you want more after this listen!

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In this episode we learn:

  • Meet Lucrecer from @soulsistaplants [9:00]
  • Meet Phoebe from @welcometothejunglehome [11:00]
  • Meet Cyril from @cyrilcybernated
  • What is their Plant Number (How Many Plants they have in their homes) [22:26]
  • Phoebe's top 3 tips for caring for a large plant collection [28:12]
  • Lucrecer's top 3 tips for caring for a large plant [31:00]
  • Cyril's top 3 tips for caring for a large plant collection [41:30]
  • Each guests' best designing tip for plant styling [48:20]
  • Maria's journey of dealing with the overwhelm that came with growing her personal collection[1:02:50]
  • How to deal with Plant Parent Overwhelm


Watch a clip of the video interview here!


Phoebe's Tips

  • Set a routine (this will change throughout the seasons)
  • Group plants with similar care needs together
  • Use your vertical space: shelves and spacing go a long way!

Lucrecer's Tips

  • Figure out how much time you want to devote to your collection BEFORE you by plants
  • Do your research BEFORE you buy plants
  • Trust that some plant/person relationships are seasonal – don't be afraid to let a plant go if it's not the right plant for YOU
  • Give plants as gifts! (Bonus tip)

Cyril's tips

  • Know your plant parenting style
  • Pair your plants with the right environment (and get creative with it)
  • Notice what plants work for your personality and your home and grow with those plants (and understand your water)

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Giveaway on Instagram with cuttings of Cyril, Lucrecer, Phoebe and Maria's collections!
  • The youtube video that accompanies this episode! Click here to watch

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