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Plant Parent Confessions with Members of the Garden Party Platform, Ep 132



Honestly, I've been feeling so overwhelmed and uninterested in curating my thoughts and feelings about plants and plant parenthood. It’s been a hell of a year and although I’m all about keeping it positive, I’m also all about keeping it real. And lately, social media has made it hard to share authentically. That's why when Christy, a Garden Party founding member, started this plant parent confessional in the Garden Party platform, members had space to post about things they do that wouldn’t pass the Instagram cut: plant fails and “bad” plant parent practices. So, this episode is community-based, from Garden Party members who called in and submitted their confessionals. I'm sharing them with you in hopes to just normalize the messiness of plant parenthood and tell you that no matter where you are on your plant parent journey, you’re welcome here 🙂

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In this episode we learn:

  • [01:39] What inspired Maria to have a confessional episode
  • [04:28] Meet Christy, one of Garden Party’s Founding Plant Friends
  • [05:23] Plant care confessions: fertilizing, repotting, disinfecting tools, and more
  • [07:29] How imperfections are the best learning opportunities in plant parenthood
  • [08:14] A Tradescantia zebrina “Purple Tinge” confession
  • [09:59] Why we should normalize falling out of love with our plants
  • [10:51] A confession about cuttings and propagation
  • [12:33] Repotting in the fall and winter, does that make you a bad plant parent?
  • [14:04] Where to get the best indoor and outdoor gardening products
  • [15:40] The best seed provider for year-round harvest!
  • [17:03] A frugal plant parent confession
  • [18:09] When you give good plant parent advice— that you don’t do yourself!
  • [19:56] Do you isolate your new plants when you bring them home?
  • [22:12] When Maria caught Billy in a cute plant parent moment
  • [23:22] A plant parent’s ‘lazy approach’
  • [24:44] The pressures of Instagram and color editing your plants
  • [26:12] How social media can affect the way we perceive our plants and our own plant journey
  • [28:21] Maria’s reminder: take care of yourself, plant friend!
  • [29:28] Maria’s confessions
  • [31:24] The plant parent practice that helped Maria regain her plant parent confidence and joy
  • [33:41] Plant parenthood is messy! That’s how it’s supposed to be, and you are not alone
  • [34:40] Exciting news for the Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast!

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