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Episode 97: Mind-Blowing Lessons Learned in Intro to Plant Science at NYBG with Dr Elle Barnes



I am SO very excited to welcome Dr Elle Barnes, my teacher for my Intro to Plant Science with NYBG. HOLY MOLY this episode was so fun to record. I took the Intro to Plant Science Course with the NYBG virtually via Zoom during this period of social distancing and what I learned throughout the course blew my mind. Intro to Plant Science might be my most favorite class I’ve taken at NYBG yet. We dive into the basics of all of the processes that make our plant babies thrive and there is just so much to learn. Dr Barnes did such a good job at breaking down difficult plant science topics so even I could understand them that I was having major “aha! moments” every class. I started a running list at the bottom of my notes document titled “aha moments” so I could always refer back to them. That list has now turned into this episode!

In today’s chat, I go through the “aha moment” list with Dr Barnes and ask her to help me explain all of these fundamental principals that have helped me understand plant care on such a deeper level. I hope this episode brings you some “aha moments” of your own and helps you and your plant collection to continue to bloom and grow! Please share them with me on Instagram so I can celebrate you!

If you are interested in virtual learning opportunities in this period of social distancing check out NYBG at home which is their virtual hub with tons of free resources like videos, plant guides and virtual events and tours of the garden in addition to ALL of their courses that they have moved online. From botanical art classes, to plant science, there is something for everyone. NYBG is also opening it's doors back up in July to their members only. After all this isolation I am so excited to get back to the garden. Members will be the first to be able to access the park after reopening, in addition to free admission year round, special discounts and more- so if you are in the NY area, consider becoming a member this year!


In this episode we learn:

  • How Dr Barnes became the Plant Lady scientist she is today
  • What is the difference between Monocots and Dicots
  • How seeds germinate
  • Overview of cellular respiration and photosynthesis
  • Can plants emit too much carbon dioxide that it can harm humans?
  • What is a VOC
  • How plants both emit and absorb VOCs
  • Do plants really clean the air?
  • How dormancy works
  • Modified leaves and what we didn't know about Cacti and Onions
  • Roses don't have thorns, they have prickles!
  • Spines vs thorns vs prickles
  • Flower petals vs sepal
  • The concept of apical dominance and how it affects pruning
  • What an apical bud is
  • What the hormone auxin is and how important it is for our plants growth
  • Why Maple trees in colder climates make sweeter syrup
  • That a tomato is actually not a fruit or a vegetable
  • What is an inflorescence


Thank you to this week's episode sponsor Wallygro!

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