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Episode 69: Growing Cannabis Part 1: Set Up, Seed Starting and the Vegetative Stage with Rooney Bloom and Chudy Azuogu


While I was in Denver, I had the opportunity to tour The Garden, a 7000 square foot commercial Cannabis grower with my plant friend, and cannabis home grower, Rooney Bloom. In that tour, it was incredibly clear to me that I needed to sit down with the founder of The Garden, Chudy Azuogu and Rooney to discuss their different approaches to growing Cannabis, from seed to harvest. Cannabis is obviously a very popular plant these days for indoor growers… for different reasons than our houseplant plant parenthood obsessions, BUT this two part conversation ends up not being about Cannabis, but perspectives from two growers on how they care for a simple plant. What struck me the most is how commercial growers, (of Cannabis or any other plant) use science and technology to manipulate these plants to grow to their best ability and yield. But really, they are trying to mimic what Mother Nature does so easily. I’m so thankful to Rooney and Chudy for being so open to have this conversation and give us so much knowledge! It was an eye opening conversation that I’m so thankful for!

Disclaimer: if you plan on growing Cannabis, you absolutely must look up your local laws on growing this plant. This episode is not an endorsement for growing Cannabis, but an exploratory conversation for those who do. Do your own research on the legal side if you intend on growing on your own.

Also- you might hear Rooney’s pup walking around and wagging his tail through this conversation, he was a wonderful audience to have in Rooney’s home during this conversation.

In this episode we learn:

  • How Rooney Bloom became the professional plant educator he is
  • How Chudy Azuogu became a commercial grower of Cannabis
  • The difference in growing cannabis from a commercial and home grower perspective
  • What do you need to grow Cannabis Commercially
  • What do you need to grow Cannabis as a home grower
  • How to start seeds from home and in a commercial grow house
  • Why it is important to separate Male and Female Cannabis Plants
  • How to tell Male and Female Cannabis Plants apart
  • How and when to feed cannabis commercially and at home
  • The lighting setup in a Commercial grow house
  • How to care for the plants while they are in their vegetative stage

Tune in next week for Growing Cannabis Part 2: Flowering to Harvest when Rooney and Chudy lead us through how to watch (or force) a plant to flower, how to care for it in it’s flowering stage, how to harvest and dry the bud and overall thoughts on the Cannabis industry.


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