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Episode 57: Pollinators and Native Bees with Dave from Crown Bees




I’m thrilled to have Dave Hunter, the founder of Crown Bees on the show to talk about pollinators and how important they are for our environment. Dave is a native bee expert that shares so much information about pollination, bees in general, why the honey bee might not be the king of the bee world as we know it, and how we can help pollinators continue to help our local environments literally bloom and grow. Pollinators are something I knew little about and Dave really walks us through everything we need to know about them.

In this episode we learn:

  • What pollinators are, and why they are important
  • Why the Honey Bee might not be the most effective pollinator
  • How many types of bees there are, and what they do
  • How do bees pollinate flowers
  • What is a native bee
  • Why are bees threatened?
  • How can we help

Thank you Dave for all of your incredible information. If you are interested in learning more about pollinators, or possibly installing one of Daves amazing bee kits, I highly suggest heading over to to learn more!

Thank you to Mountain Crest Gardens for sponsoring today’s episode. I can’t say enough wonderful things about how impressed I am with Mountain Crest Gardens.  To see the amazing variety of succulents for yourself, visit to get a coupon code for 15% off your order!


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