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Can you feel that summer energy in the air? The summer solstice is upon us—the longest day of the year and the official start of the summer season. For us plant parents, this transition is everything. All our patient tending in the spring is paying off as our gardens burst into full bloom.

The summer solstice is a powerful energetic pivot point that I always like to honor and celebrate. And I am so delighted to have my dear friend Rachael of Our Infinite Nature join us again in this episode! Rachael is our resident modern green witch—she has such a beautiful way of connecting plants, nature, and spirituality. In our conversation, we explored what the solstice means from an energetic and astrological perspective, and how we can align ourselves with these potent seasonal energies.


In this episode, we learn:

  • [05:00] What does summer mean to Rachael?
  • [05:27] What is the energy of summer?
  • [06:30] Why fire is vital for growth in plants and humans
  • [10:24] What is the difference between spring's action-taking energy and summer's action-maintaining energy?
  • [15:03] Make any summer gift unforgettable with a personalized Wind River Chime!
  • [16:38] Take the stress out of summer gardening with Crescent Garden TrueDrop Self Watering Planters!
  • [19:19] What's going on astrologically these days?
  • [23:13] Is fire energy out of balance in our world, leading to burnout?
  • [24:13] How can we use the elements (earth, water, fire, air) to address burnout, especially during the summer solstice? (and a little bit of meditation!)
  • [29:57] Feed your plants with Espoma Organic for beautiful summer blooms and delicious harvests!
  • [31:42] What are some ways to work with the element of air?
  • [32:27] Connecting with the elements: water, earth, air
  • [38:03] How do you ritualize the summer solstice?
  • [41:25] Where can you find Rachael on social media?
  • [41:52] Summer solstice meditation



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The Fire of Summer

Summer is the “yang-iest of yang” seasons, dominated by the fiery element. As Rachael explained, just like a blazing campfire, summer is all about outward high energy, productivity, and “growth, growth, growth.”

While that fiery vibe can definitely motivate us to crush goals and squeeze every drop of fun from the season, it's also easy to overdo it. Rachael compares it to how wildfires, despite being a natural process, can create destruction when the flames get too uncontrolled. Too much “fire” leaves us feeling spent, heated, and seriously burnt out.


Balancing with the Other Elements

So how can we work with summer's intense energies, rather than just blowing up with them? The answer lies in leaning into the complementary forces of the other elements.

Rachael led us through a short meditation for tuning into our personal “inner flame” — picturing that fiery core of motivation within our solar plexus area. From there, we invited in whichever other element would help balance and support that flame.

For Rachael, visions of refreshing pools of water showed, indicating her burnout craved the cooling, restful yin qualities of this element. But each of us may be guided towards a different balancing force:

  • Earth – go outside; gardening, hiking, or just spending time with nature can help you calm down.
  • Water – it restores and hydrates, and also allows us to “go with the flow” through activities like swimming, beach trips, or just drinking more water.
  • Air – it brings mental clarity and focus through mindful movement like dancing, singing, or simply smelling fresh air.
  • Fire – you can clear it, move it, or bring it back to life with candle rituals or just by reigniting your inner inspiration. 

The key is tuning into your body's needs through meditation, and then addressing them with the corresponding elemental energies and activities. It's all about balance!


Sweet Summer Rituals

Of course, the solstice should absolutely be celebrated as well—after all, this is the peak of summer's radiant power! Rachael suggests adorning yourself with handmade floral crowns, savoring meals harvested straight from your garden, or immersing yourself in a natural body of water.

These acts aren't just amazing photo ops, but purposeful ways to connect with the season's rhythms. Getting your hands in the earth, bodysurfing in local waters, and being present with fresh natural beauty…it's all medicine for aligning with summer.

At the end of the day, summer is all about enjoyment so don't put too much pressure on “doing it right”. Just tune into what your mind and body need as those sunny days blend together.

Maybe one day calls for full-on garden warrior mode, while the next is an opportunity to sit back, refill your water bottle, and dip your toes in the pool. Ride those summer waves with balance and joy!


Have a wonderful summer solstice, filled with abundance, joy, and just the right amount of chill. Keep growing that healthy balance.



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