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So glad to have Nick from @phillyfoliage and Nick Pileggi on Youtube join me for a discussion on Peperomia 101. This interivew happened during our Live Taping at Urban Jungle Philly this summer. Peperomia are such a wonderful houseplant variety and such a perfect plant for beginners. We are lucky to have Nick walk us through the history, care and fun facts and troubleshooting tips for our peperomia plant babies!


In this episode we learn:

  • How Nick Pileggi began his career in plants with no degree in horticulture and became the houseplant curator for Urban Jungle Philly and the epic youtube planty personality we know today
  • How many varieties of Peperomia Nick owns (you’ll be shocked!) and his favorites
  • Peperomia IRL: where we find them in Nature
  • How many different varieties of Peperomia are known and how they differ
  • Best watering practices for Peperomia
  • Best light for Peperomia


Thank you to Soltech Solutions for sponsoring the podcast taping portion of the event. Soltech Solutions makes luxury grow lights with full spectrum, white, museum quality light designed to keep your houseplants and dwarf fruiting trees happy. They have the hanging pendant Aspect light and now have the Highland Track Light system, designed for grow walls and plants in hard to reach places. They are offering you 20% off your order so head to with the code Bloom20 at checkout.


Special thanks to our event sponsors who made this event unbelievably special!

Planty Gift Bag Sponsors

Espoma Organics provided my FAVORITE Indoor Fertilizer and Bio Tone Starter Pack for the outdoor gardener.

Centurion Garden Snippers provided their stainless steel garden snippers to make every propagation snip count!

Local Sponsors who you MUST visit if in Philly!

Urban Jungle Philly – a MUST visit plant MECCA in Philly!

Barcelona Wine Bar – the most DELICIOUS paella in town!

Rival Bros Coffee – Philadelphia natives raising the bar for amazing coffee1

Pollyodd limoncello – the flavors of this limoncello are unbelievable!

Essen Bakery – The chef just got nominated for a third James Beared Award- need I say more?

Visit the East Passyunk Ave Business Improvement District If you are interested in learning more about this neighborhood

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