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Maria’s Favorite Things 2021: The Plant Parent Gift Guide, Ep 136

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I'm so excited to geek out again on my favorite planty products with you, plant friends! The holiday season is just around the corner, and what perfect way to show your appreciation and love for the plant parents in your life (or for yourself) than to give them great planty gifts? I've got an amazing list of plant accessories, plant gift sets, books, and more—with exclusive coupon codes for our Bloom and Grow Radio podcast community!

These gifts will definitely elevate the journey of the plant friends you'll be giving these to, or you can request these planty items for your own plant parent routine!

This list features a lot of fun and amazing products which I've broken into the following categories: Plant Care Accessories, Planty Gift Sets, Stocking Stuffers, Teacher Gifts and Hostess Gifts, Planters, Grow Lights, Books, Plants and Education.

Are you ready for these EXCITING planty products?

Any discount codes will be in this font!

So you know, I have an affiliate or sponsor relationship with some of the companies mentioned below. Others I have no relationship with and just love to their stuff. Regardless of my affiliation, every item on this list is something I've used, loved, or have been recommended by trusted plant friends. PS: if you're a fan of the show, supporting BAGR sponsors with our provided sponsor codes and links is a great way to support the podcast!

Happy browsing!

Plant Care Accessories

Modern Sprout Watering Can 

Code: BLOOM21 for 15% off

Modern Sprout 3L Watering Can

This brass beauty from Modern Sprout holds 3 liters (yes, 3 LITERS) of water for the most convenient watering routine! It's sexy, it has a skinny spout, it's slender and sleek, and it absolutely blends in beautifully with my plants. If you have a huge plant collection, this watering can will change the game!


I've learned so much about humidity from our past episode guests that I had to get these instruments to try them myself! Let me tell you, it really changed how I see my home environment and my plant care. Having moved a few times in just the past year, having these hygrometers on hand made the adjustment for my plants easier. These are super useful and would make a great White Elephant gift for your plant friend party. Watch my review of the Govee hygrometer and the Thermpro hygrometer in the YouTube video below!

Terrarium Tools and Soil Scoop

If you can't find anything to give to your plant friend who already has everything, these items are not only useful, but also a thoughtful gift for them. There are long tweezers to help aerate the soil, or a soil scoop to make repotting easier. These aren't necessarily things we remember to buy for ourselves and that's what makes them great! Check out the terrarium toolset and soil scoop on Amazon.


Macro Lens for iPhone

Take your plant parenthood to the next level with this macro lens phone clip-on! See your plant babies up close and in high-definition without spending thousands of dollars on a DSLR camera. Totally recommended for plant business owners as it comes with an LED light for that picture-perfect shot.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit with LED light and travel      case


Botanopia Plant Stakes

Shout out to my good friend Leslie Halleck for gifting me these elegant plant stakes from a must-support small business! These plant stakes come in 4 different cool shapes in a bronze finish and they are the largest plant stakes I've ever seen! They are 3ft-tall and are perfect for your larger plants. You can visit Botanopia's website for more planty products and check out my unboxing on IG.


WallyGrow Placemats

Code: MARIA15 for 15% off from November 9-23, so take advantage of it while you can at with code MARIA15 at checkout.

Make your home all the more plantier with these beautiful placemats from WallyGrow! I already have a few in our home and I can't wait to feel like a real grown-up setting these artsy mats on the table. They are really nice quality and a step away from the usual succulent art we see in kitchen accessories. These placemats are a part of WallyGrow's newly-launched Home Collection that features tea towels, pillowcases, and more!

Random Pick: WallyGrow Burp Cloths and Swaddles

Code: MARIA15 for 15% off from November 9-23, so take advantage of it while you can at with code MARIA15 at checkout.

So I don't know about you, but a ton of my friends had babies this year. So for the human mama, these Burp Cloths and Swaddles are an adorable nod to plants, while being all about the baby!


Planty Gift Sets, Stocking Stuffers, and Hostess Gifts

Modern Sprout Plant Parent Box Set

Code: BLOOM21 for 15% off

Make sure they have the plant parent essentials with this sleek and mail-ready gift set from Modern Sprout! This Plant Parent Box Set comes with a plant brush, precision tweezers (to make pruning easier) and an ergonomic soil scoop. Perfect for your plant friends who are just beginning their plant parenthood.

Modern Sprout Growing Gourmet Kit

Code: BLOOM21 for 15% off

For the budding chef in your household, the Growing Gourmet Kit comes with a self-watering basil grow kit, their best-selling pruning shears (I have 3 pairs!), a tea towel with tips for using herbs, and herb pull and pinch dish. All the tools you need for a thriving countertop garden! (make sure you've got enough light for that basil!)


Modern Sprout Garden Party Box Set

Code: BLOOM21 for 15% off

For anyone who appreciates a home grown cocktail, the Garden Party Box Set is adorable! It has mixology tools for the budding bartender and comes with a self-watering rosemary grow kit, citrus reamer, jigger, and glass infusion bottle.


Modern Sprout Bright Side Seed Balls

Code: BLOOM21 for 15% off

These are a great stocking stuffer: adorably packaged Bright Side Seed Balls(for planting, not eating!). Each box comes with five assorted seed balls that channel the spirit of the season. Offered in Grow Peace, Grow Comfort, and Grow Love. So cute!


Hemleva Pins

I've adored Hemleva's planty pins for years (they are all over my backpack!) and Samantha, the maker behind the Hemleva brand keeps coming up with more adorable pin designs and lots of other plant inspired accessories and pieces like keychains, stationary and suncatchers. Check out all of her adorable designs at



Michiko Shimada Terracotta Planters


These pots have been on every Gift Guide I make because I love them so much! When I decided to move my plant collection to all terracotta, I started looking for unique and interesting terracotta pots and Michiko's Etsy shop was the answer to my prayers! Her medium sized planters lined the windowsills of our last home, and I love her interesting shaped mini planter set! Check out Michiko's Etsy shop to see all she offers.

WallyGrow Eco Wall Planters

Code: MARIA15 for 15% off from November 9-23, so take advantage of it while you can at with code MARIA15 at checkout.

If you have a greenwall on your vision board for your home, look no further than the Wallygrow  eco wall planters. These planters (made entirely from recycled plastic!) are super easy to install, renter friend and I've used them in two of my homes!

Check out the video below where I share details about the ombre green wall I've built with WallyGrow and how I installed it. I also did a spring refresh a few months back using the same planters, you can watch the video here!


WallyGrow Loop Hanging Planter

Code: MARIA15 for 15% off from November 9-23, so take advantage of it while you can at with code MARIA15 at checkout.

The WallyGrow Loop Hanging Planter is WallyGrow's answers to all of our troubles with hanging planters set ups. It's leak proof, is designed with the plants health  in mind (think a cache pot with aeration holes), as a super simple installation and looks SO stylish and comes in an assortment of colors. I like the flat bottoms of these pots and actually have been using them as tabletop planters in our current home!



Modern Sprout Glow and Grow and Rooted Candle Kits

Code: BLOOM21 for 15% off

I am head over heels for ALL of the scents in the Modern Sprout Glow and Grow Kits  but currently Spruce is my favorite! I also love the basil scent of the Herb Garden one! But the candles are actually planters that come with growing media and seeds – so you burn through the candle, and then start seeds that match the scent. They also just launched another line of candle/planter combos called Rooted that have plastic free packaging. They just launched a new line of Rooted Candles,  which features a matte ceramic vessel with botanically inspired scents, seeds, and packaged in a super, plastic free giftable box.


Glow and Grow Candles

Rooted Candles


Grow Lights

Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse

Code: BLOOM21 for 15% off

The Modern Sprout Smart Growhouse  is as close as it comes to living art! It's a gorgeous brass structure (you can plant directly in it) that has a grow light built into it and can either sit on a counter top or be hung on the wall. It is  smart app-enabled which features preset settings (e.g. partial shade, partial sun, full sun) or you can fully customize your lighting schedule! If you wanted to make the ultimate gift package, you can pair it with the matching brass watering can!

Modern Sprout Smart Growbar

Code: BLOOM21 for 15% off

The Smart Growbar is what I used to install my growshelf (you can see in the video below). It's a flush mount white metal fixture that has both  manual on/off  and is smart app-enabled so you can customize the lighting setting. This is a great option if you have your eyes on an Ikea grow cabinet!

Check out how I turned my bookshelf into a jungle oasis using the Modern Sprout Growhouse AND Growbar below:

Modern Sprout Uplift Planter

Code: BLOOM21 for 15% off

The Uplift Planter is the newest grow light for Modern Sprout and is a standing planter with a grow light attached to it. It's a super clever little invention, and is perfect for a low light corner of your home that you might want to style several plants around (as the elevated stand allows for having plants at different heights!)

SolTech Solutions Aspect™ Pendant Grow Light

Code: “bloomgrow2021” for 15% off

We know I love the Soltech Pendant Grow Light as I had 3 of them hanging from every low light corner in my last home! If you are looking for a sleek, pendant style light to hang from your ceiling, this will likely be the most stylish and easy to assemble option.  You can choose from  40W and 20W  and several colors and the modern design blends in with any home aesthetic while the high precise photosynthetic spectrum keeps your plants happy all through the winter!

SolTech Solutions Vita™ Grow Light

Code: “bloomgrow2021” for 15% off  at

The Vita Grow Light is Soltech's newest addition to it's suite of grow lights and I'm finding it incredibly helpful! I screwed one into my desk lamp, and turned my lower light desk into a high light haven for lots of my teensy plants. It's their versions of a grow bulb that screws into any standard light fixture- so you could turn all of your desk and floor lamps into grow lights!

Check out my Vita unboxing on IGTV for a closer look


Check out my Grow Light Tour of my Apartment for examples of how I hung the Aspects!


Lessons from Plants by Beronda Montgomery

You might have recently heard Beronda Montgomery on the podcast for a conversation about Lessons from Plants in 2021 and her book is just fantastic: it's the intersection of plant science and planty wellness, with lessons that Beronda has learned from her plants, but through the lens of a botanist. It's a great read, as it's chock full of life lessons and and education. I recommend reading a chapter at a time and giving yourself time to digest it.

Listen to Beronda's Bloom and Grow Radio episode where we did a deep dive into this book!

The Overstory by Richard Powers

I feel like I will never stop talking about my love for this book. Richard Powers develops Redwood trees and plants into main characters in this deliciously written piece of fiction. I don't even like fiction and I couldn't put it down!

Black in the Garden Coloring Book by Colah B Tawkin

My friend Colah B Tawkin of the Black in the Garden Podcast launched a gorgeous 20 page coloring book featuring the art of MakerChamp which is filled with the most beautiful, planty illustrations for us to color and learn along with. Here are Colah's words sharing her inspiration for it: “Finally, a coloring book for us. We’ve been underrepresented for so long. And now, it’s finally our time to color our community with the first coloring book for the black experience in the garden. This 20-page coloring book embodies our experience with plants and gives life to our people and our wisdom. Enrich your roots! Reconnect with the land and your creativity on these pages.”

Click here to buy the book! 

The Book of Delights: Essays by Ross Gay

I like to say “a poem a day by Ross Gay keeps the blues away”. Ross Gay is a poet and gardener who writes beautifully poetry about the vibrancy of plants that will have you laughing, crying and feeling all the feels in between.

Grab the book here



Little Prince of Oregon Nursery

Code: BLOOM20 for 20% off

Little Prince of Oregon is a grower out of Oregon who is taking the houseplant industry by storm. They are growing some harder to find plants and selling them at affordable prices. I worked with them on my wedding favors which were potted Hoya kerrii, and the plants arrived in great shape. Take note of their ever growing and changing Beau Chateau houseplant line, which I think will be one to watch in the coming years 🙂

150 Hoya Hearts were repotted for my wedding!

Seeds or Seed Gift card

Code: Bloom10 for 10% off at checkout, but not redeemable on gift cards

If you have an avid gardener in your life, another gift idea is to get them a gift card to Territorial Seed Company, an independent, family owned business on the west coast making high quality seeds, plants and more! (They actually produce 25% of the seeds they sell onsite!) You could get a gift card for the gardener in your life to cash in for seed starting season, or check out their wide variety of seeds, plants and garden supplies. 

Plant Adjacent: Potting Mix!

I know potting mix doesn't sound like a sexy gift… but it might be sexy to a plant parent in your life. Espoma Organic has a wide variety of potting mixes for plants, cacti, African violets, orchids and an amazing line for plant food, their famous line of “tones” and horticultural sprays. You could even put together a whole gift pack! Check out my amazon storefront for my faves.


Bloom and Grow Garden Society

What better gift, than the gift of plant care education and community this holiday season!

I'm launching the Bloom and Grow Garden Society on November 2nd, join the waitlist so you don't miss the amazing introductory discounts.

The Bloom & Grow Garden Society is a one stop shop for plant parenthood development. Join and and enjoy:

  • exclusive plant care lectures led by our Horticulturist in Residence, Leslie Halleck,
  • monthly “Ask our Horticulturist Anything” office hours to directly troubleshoot your plant collection problems WITH Leslie
  • monthly “Growing Joy” calls with me to explore the plant person connectiond
  • access to everything the Bloom & Grow Garden Party Platform has to offer (regional groups, dedicated conversation spaces about houseplants/gardening/planty business/plant identification help and more)

Get on the waitlist here!

Watch the Youtube video for a visual of these products!


Happy Holidays and I hope you've found some new planty items for your growing Urban Jungles to keep blooming and keep growing and that you have a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends, love, joy and plants!

– Maria

Bloom and Grow Radio is a weekly podcast created by host Maria Failla to empower and inspire people to bring nature indoors. A self-proclaimed “Succulent Killer turned Crazy Plant Lady”, Maria interviews expert guests and learns alongside her listeners on various aspects of houseplant care.

She believes that keeping plants indoors can greatly improve peoples lives, and hopes to help people green up their space and start blooming and growing.

For more info on Maria and Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast, click here.

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