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Episode 15: @houseplantclub Part 1: 5 tips for Curating and Growing your Planty Instagram Account with Morgan of @plantingpink




Friendship February for Bloom and Grow Radio will be rounded out by a two part series featuring the two founders of the enormous Instagram account and Etsy shop: House Plant Club . The two founders of this planty powerhouse, Morgan of @plantingpink (in this episode) and Erin of @cleverbloom (on next week’s episode) actually met and became friends through sharing a Pilea Peperomioides. How perfect to feature them and their plant friendship IRL during Friendship Feb!

First up this week we get to know Morgan of @plantingpink and learn how her personal collection and account came to be. Morgan, an expert in growing popular planty Instagram accounts, with @houseplantclub circling around 300K followers and @plantingpink with 62K followers, gives us a tutorial on her top 5 tips for curating and growing the best planty Instagram account.

I am also so excited that they have trusted Bloom and Grow Radio to host a major announcement for their brand and company. So listen in for her tips and this exciting announcement!

This episode is for you if you want to get to know the amazing woman behind @plantingpink and learn her tips on how to curate the best Instagram account and grow your following. This episode is for you if you are interested in knowing Houseplant Club’s newest project!

In this episode we learn:

  • How Morgan’s collection came to be and changed as she moved South
  • How sharing a Pilea Peperomioides (The Friendship Plant featured in last weeks episode!) started her friendship with Erin from @cleverbloom and @houseplantclub was created!
  • The beginnings of @houseplantclub
  • A very special House Plant Club announcement!
  • How to get your photos featured on @houseplantclub
  • Morgan’s top 5 tips to having and growing the best planty Instagram account


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