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Episode 86: Pause with Plants to Release Stress and Increase Calm with Brittany from the Pause with Plants Podcast




Brittany Gowan, the plant lady behind @ihavethisthingwithurbanjungles on IG and the Pause with Plants Podcast has been a #plantfriendIRL for a while now and a lovely lady. She has been practicing and teaching her Pause with Plants Method and we thought today would be the perfect time to discuss how to use plants to reduce stress. There has never been a better time than to have houseplants and practice houseplant care than now, when many of us are confined to our homes in the midst of this pandemic! It's important to understand tools and techniques for us to use our houseplants to reduce our stress. I've never been more thankful for my houseplants than the last 8 days of quarantine! This talk with Brittany inspired my to do a planty workout you can find on my IGTV. I hope it inspires you to bring a little calm into your “work from home” days!


In this episode we learn:

  • How Brittany became the plant lady she is now and why she started Pause with Plants
  • How to incorporate plants into your mental wellness routine
  • How to use plants in your morning routine
  • The importance of breath while practicing mindful awareness
  • How to use plants in your meditation
  • The importance of routine while working from home
  • Techniques to incorporate more calm and recenter yourself
  • The “Pause with Plants” Method: connect, move and meditate with plants


Mentioned in this episode:

Brittany's comprehensive guide to how to Pause with Plants


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