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Episode 94: Growing Together



On the heels of the #amplifymelanatedvoices initiative, we take pause to reflect on the national and international conversation happening around the Black Lives Matter movement and share some voices of beautiful Black Voices in our Plant Community from previous episodes that have inspiring and important messages, share resources and inspiration for how we can get involved and share a special poem with you.


In this episode we:

  • Hear a clip from Episode 66  with Christopher from PlantKween with tips for how to be a helpful ally
  • Hear a clip from Episode 85 with Colah from the Black in the Garden Podcast as she shares why she created her podcast to create a space for her voice and a story that will make you think about representation in the gardening space
  • Hear about some inspiring actions taken by people in the Plant Community to #amplifymelanatedvoices, support Black Owned Planty Businesses and raise money for the Black Lives Matter movement
  • End with a poem by Ross Gay that I've been reading everyday, and allow for a space of reflection


Featured  Voices, Resources and Inspirational Stories of the Plant Community Stepping Up to Support Black Lives Matter



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Ross Gay: A Small Needful Fac

Summer Rayne Oakes #PlantOneForward resource for Black Owned Plant Shops – this can be added to, so many sure your or your favorite black owned plant shops are on this list!

Betsy Begonia's US Black Owned Plant Related Businesses List – you can also email her to add others onto the list

Permacrafters created a list of 50 Black Voices in the Green Space to follow under the following categories: Herbalism, Environmental Justice, Climate Activism, Outdoors, Ecology, Vegan, Sustainable Living, Farming and Food Justice,  Sustainable Fashion, Filmmaking and more

#plantingforprogress was an initiative launched Agatha Isabel or on IG,  to support BLM, and has been extended to also focus on the local NYC community of Black, Latinx, POC, LGBTQ+ including @theforesightproject @audrelordeproject @innocenceproject.
It started when Agatha auctioned off a Philodendron Pink Princess she had for Black Lives Matter and ACLU Nationwide on her personal account. Upon hearing this, local plant shop Nelly's Flowers and Plants (@nellysflowershop) donated 12 plants to her cause, which she then rallied some of her plant friends to auction off on their accounts (@plantblerd @thehoodbotanist @siloliage @plantmepaul @welcometothejunglehome @felinejungle @thejungleupstairs ). This auctioning went throughout the week and has now raised over six times that original PPP auction and that number is still growing! This seed of an idea that Agatha had to raise money on her personal account turned into an incredible cross account, cross plant community supported movement that has raised an amazing amount of money for 3 national organizations and 3 local NYC community organizations. And it's not stopping here, follow @plantingforprogress on instagram to follow more auctions, as new people are donating plants to be auctioned everyday. They are planning on having monthly auctions of rare collector plants for good causes, so give them a follow if you're interested.
What is Bloom and Grow Doing:
– Doing the work: continuing to learn about the system injustice against black people in the country and using our privilege to help this cause.
– Donated to Black Lives Matter, Color of Change, The New Georgia Project, Showing Up for Racial Justice and Teens for Food Justice and continuing to seek out organizations that support ending racial injustice and food insecurity
– Finding diverse voices to interview for the podcast
– Vote

This is a movement not a moment.



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