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Happy New Year everyone! Personally, 2017 was an insane and exciting year. It was the year I became a Crazy Plant Lady. It was also the year I was in my first Broadway show. 2017 also gave me the idea to create this podcast, which if you’re listening right now, you tuned in for in 2017! We found each other in 2017 and for that, I’m so freaking thankful it’s insane.

I have some exciting ideas for 2018. First up is the Plant Side Chat series, where we will explore the lessons learned from caring for plants. The more time I spend getting to know different plant parents and guests that you and I have gotten to know on the podcast, the more I’ve come to realize that having plants in a home is so much deeper than just having an Instagram worthy Monstera, or knowing that having plants help clean the air of your home. Plants do so much more for us. They teach us discipline, how to practice kindness, they tie us to different people through sharing plant cuttings and stories and even connect us to other generations of our family through heirloom plants. So in my Plant Side Chat series, I’m choosing lessons and stories to share on how my plants have impacted me and make me look at the world differently.

These episodes will be super short, probably pop up once a month and are a total experiment for me. Maybe I’m crazy and have just read one too many self improvement books and am overthinking this whole side of plant parenthood… but maybe I haven’t and these episodes will resonate with you.

Today’s episode, Bloom and Grow at Your Own Rate, is inspired by the turning of the New Year, how it can impact you, and some lessons from my herb garden to help keep you on track.


Please let me know what you think by sending me an email at Also, if you have any ideas on other topics, episodes or guests you’d like to hear on the show in 2018, please write me and let me know! I’m here to serve you!

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