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Thrilled to be bringing you the live taping of Bloom and Grow Radio in Tucson on “Living with Plants in the Desert”. I am joined by Brendan the owner of Eco Grow, a local aquaponics and rare plant shop and grower and also Prococo Products, premium coco coir supplier, Akiko from Tucson based flower and plant shop Bloom Maven and Becca, a Tucson native and the Plant Lady behind the De La Plants Youtube channel. We have a wonderful discussion on the desert climate, the Saguaro Cactus, and how to have a thriving plant collection while living in the desert, and how to incorporate desert style into your home and plant collection.

In this episode we learn:

  • What a desert biome is
  • The history of the Saguaro Cacti
  • Houseplant Care in the Desert 101 with Brendan from Eco Gro and Prococo
  • Desert plant styling tips with Akiko from Bloom Maven
  • Hot tips on living with Plants in the Desert from Becca of Becca De La Plants

Thank you to our Wine and Gift Bag Sponsors (all female owned and run companies)!

Sand Reckoner Vineyards is a local vineyard growing their own grapes in the desert and making delicious wines including the Vermentino we drank a ton of at the live taping! If you are in the area, their Tucson tasting room is open Wednesday through Sunday! Check them out at 

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Check out some Cacti IRL on Maria's Youtube Video tour of her hike in Sabino Canyon in the Sonoran Desert!


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