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Episode 24: How to Start a Plant Shop with Folia Collective



Plant Friends… this could be the most epic interview on Bloom and Grow Radio yet. Clocking in at about 1 hour and 45 minutes, this one is a doozy and chock full of so much fun planty information. I sat down with Danae Horst three separate times to talk about how she created and grew her incredible Plant Shop, Folia Collective. Danae is an incredible plantlady/ bosslady who I’ve become friends with over social media, and now IRL, and has an incredible story behind the success of her Brick and Morter Shop in LA, Folia Collective. She shares her story and tips for budding planty entrepreneurs interested in creating their own businesses around plants. I know that diving into more of a business focused show is a bit of a departure from our usual plant care tips, but I know many listeners are actually in the plant business space in their day to day lives, or if you aren’t- we all plant shop and I thought this episode will give us a great appreciation for the hustle and passion that goes behind the makings of a planty empire. Plant Friends, this is a juicy episode for you to enjoy all throughout the week (as it might take a couple of listens to finish it) but I am just so thankful to Danae and her beautiful energy, helpful advice and her patience with me asking very specific and neurotic questions about business- you don’t want to miss it!


In this episode we learn about:

  • Danae’s personal plant collection and journey to plant parenthood
  • Her time at The Jungalow
  • The behind the scenes view of the beginning of Folia Collective
  • How she started the Folia Collective Pop Up shops
  • The transition from Pop Up Shop to Brick and Morter Store
  • How to use Instagram and IRL to build community
  • How to find plants to sell
  • How Danae managed the growth of the first year of Folia Collective Brick and Morter
  • Danae’s top lessons she learned from a year in business
  • How to be thrify to create buzz about your business
  • How to use social media to grow your business and community
  • How important community is for a business
  • Tips on how to source planters and merchandise
  • Budgeting tools and tips
  • The downsides to owning a plant shop

Links Danae mentioned in our conversation:


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