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I’m so excited to share this tutorial with you, because the idea for this episode came from me being inspired to make my own moss poles after watching a video Tylor made on Instagram. The process was so easy (especially because Tylor’s video was so helpful) and I knew this was something I wanted to share with you guys, because these poles not only look cool, but help replicate our plants natural environment.

So, our guest today, Tylor Rogers is the founder of Arium Botanicals and the #botanicalbro behind the instagram account @urlocalplantboy. Two months ago, when we did this interview, Arium Botanicals was just an online shop that kept selling out of planty product. But Tylor opened the doors to his brick and mortar Plant and Coffee shop, Arium Botanicals X Intenti n Portland Oregon in October. They sell unusual plants, specialty coffee and tea and handmade ceramics. And they are Oregon's first specialty coffee bar and plant shop- how cool.

We are so lucky to have Tylor walk us through this super easy and fun DIY project and I hope it helps your plant collections keep blooming and growing!

In this episode we learn:

  • How Arium Botanicals came to be, and the inspiration for the new Brick and Mortar in Portland, Oregon
  • How Tylor became the moss pole expert
  • What plants are best suited for moss poles
  • What an Aroid is
  • DIY Moss Pole Tutorial
  • What materials you need (and how shockingly easy it is to make)
  • How to prepare the sphagnum moss for the pole before you work with it
  • How to put the pieces together to make the pole
  • How to pot up your plant and moss pole together for the best result.

Mentioned in Episode:

Maria's Amazon Storefront (Check out DIY moss pole for all of her materials she uses):



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