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Top Gardening Mistakes to Avoid in Your 2023 Garden with Joe Lamp’l, Ep 181



Are you ready to take your gardening skills to the next level and avoid common pitfalls? Spring is finally here, and it's time to get ready for gardening season! But before you start planting, it's important to know what not to do in your garden. That's why we've brought back Joe Lamp'l of to share his expertise on common gardening mistakes and how to avoid them. From beginners to seasoned gardeners, there's something for everyone in this fun and informative discussion!


In this episode, we learn:

  • [03:41] Why you shouldn’t fear mistakes when starting a garden!
  • [06:05] How gardening mistakes can lead to unexpected positive results and help you improve
  • [08:00] What is the guideline for seed sowing density in intense planting method?
  • [08:43] How often should you check on your seedlings to prevent legginess and promote growth?
  • [10:15] Why seedlings need special care to grow properly
  • [11:01] What are the biggest gardening mistakes?
  • [12:23] #1 Forgetting to plan!
  • [15:15] What is the definition of garden planning and how should you do it?
  • [16:13] What is necessary for successful gardening planning?
  • [17:39] Plan your balcony garden with a diagram and use garden planners to organize your planting
  • [20:00] How did Joe feel about starting gardening with two rose bushes?
  • [21:07] What's the order for planning tasks (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) when planting for spring, summer, and fall?
  • [24:00] Where can you find container varieties of plants specifically bred for limited-space gardening?
  • [27:35] #2 Overdoing it!
  • [28:54] Why does gardening make us feel optimistic and ambitious?
  • [32:34] #3 Improper spacing!
  • [35:27] Why are plants forgiving?
  • [36:07] #4 Leaving your soil bare!
  • [38:50] How can one mitigate the negative consequences of bare soil?
  • [40:31] Joe’s favorite type of mulch!
  • [42:37] #5 Planting too early or too late! Oopsies!
  • [44:20] How fix the problem if you started gardening either too early or too late?
  • [47:23] Where can you find a personalized gift with a variety of colors, sizes, and sounds available?
  • [49:35] List of garden hurdles you might face!
  • [49:34] #1 What if you have an apartment?
  • [50:38] #2 What should you do if you have a garden with space but has low light or shade?
  • [51:50] What if you don’t have a budget for gardening?
  • [54:55] #3 What if you’re overwhelmed?
  • [56:13] How to avoid weed overwhelm
  • [59:18] What is Joe’s new course Organic Vegetable Gardening all about?
  • [01:03:20] Joe explains what a single module in the OVG course would entail
  • [01:06:55] The OVG course is on sale for $100 less during its launch week!


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Planning a Bountiful Garden in 2023

Dreaming of a beautiful and bountiful garden in 2023? With some planning and helpful tips, you can make it happen, plant friends!

According to Joe, you can try the dense planting technique, where you plant crops closer together than traditional spacing. This can help maximize your garden's yield and make the most of your available space. Whether you have a large plot or a small balcony, a garden can provide you with fresh produce and a connection with nature.

To plan your garden, you can sketch a diagram of your space and consider the timing, location, and plant requirements. Territorial Seed Company's garden planner can help you build your garden and keep track of planting schedules. Remember, planning can be fun and rewarding, and there's nothing like the satisfaction of picking fresh, ripe produce straight from your own garden!


Top Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Gardening is a fun and rewarding activity, but it's easy to make mistakes, especially if you're new to it. Here are some of the top gardening mistakes and how to avoid them:

  1. Not checking seedlings enough: Seedlings require a lot of attention and care, and neglecting them can lead to common gardening mistakes such as leggy plants. It's crucial to interact with your plants, monitor their growth regularly, and catch any issues before they become too severe.
  2. Forgetting to plan: Proper planning and preparation are necessary for a successful garden. Short-term and long-term planning involves considering factors such as the timing of planting, the conditions the plants need, and the space available for them to grow.
  3. Overdoing it: Planting too much in the garden can lead to stress and feeling overworked during the garden season. It's important to remember that gardening is a journey and to enjoy the fun and excitement of trying new things.
  4. Improper spacing: Planting seedlings too close together can lead to poor plant growth, as plants need adequate air circulation and light to thrive. Rely on the information provided on plant tags and exercise patience to avoid these problems.
  5. Leaving your soil bare: Leaving soil bare in gardening can lead to weed growth, soil erosion, and compaction from raindrops. Use natural mulch or a cover crop to protect the soil and improve its quality.
  6. Planting too early or too late: Timing is critical in gardening. Proper planning and research can help determine the right time to plant and ensure that plants have enough time to grow before the onset of cold weather.

By avoiding common gardening mistakes and showering your plants with love and care, you'll be amazed at the beautiful and bountiful harvest you'll enjoy!


Gardening Hurdles

Don't let any hurdle hold you back from experiencing the joys of gardening, plant friends! Here are some tips and tricks to help you overcome any gardening challenges:

  1. Apartment gardening: Don't let living in an apartment stop you from gardening! Use your windows for light, try hydroponics or aeroponics, or create a balcony garden with potted plants and herbs.
  2. Low light or shade gardening: Choose plants that can thrive in lower light environments, such as leafy greens. Lettuce is a great option for hydroponic growing and can be harvested even in the middle of winter!
  3. Limited budget gardening: Gardening doesn't have to be expensive. Start small, use creative methods, and gradually expand your garden over time.
  4. Overwhelm: Take it slow and learn basic gardening skills like pruning and soil care. Don't dive in headfirst and plant too much at once as this can lead to feeling overwhelmed and discouraged!

With a little creativity and patience, you can overcome any gardening hurdles. Get out there and start growing!


Joe’s New Organic Vegetable Gardening Course!

If you're looking to elevate your gardening game this year, then Joe's Organic Vegetable Gardening (OVG) course is just the thing for you!

Joe has poured his heart and soul into creating the best gardening course out there, and he's made it real-time, intimate, and as if you're hanging out with him in his garden. The course covers everything from warm and cool season crops to watering, composting, soil pest, and disease management, and it's self-paced with lifetime access. So you can take it at your own pace and even focus on one crop at a time.

Plus, you get to hang out with Joe and other top experts in their field during exclusive live conversations! It's like having your very own gardening coach! So let's get those green thumbs ready and dive into the OVG course!


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