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Today we are joined by Luke Marion of MI Gardener to talk all things indoor citrus! You might know Luke from his MI Gardener youtube channel (which I’m a huge fan of!) which has become one of the fastest growing gardening channels with over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube alone. Founded in 2011 MIgardener aims to help gardeners all around the world. Luke & Sindy Marion are the brains behind MIgardener and strive to help people “Grow Big”. I found Luke when I was searching youtube citrus care online and love his videos about his indoor citrus collection and knew he would be the perfect guest for this episode.

I bought Limey, my first citrus tree, when I was still a complete novice with very little knowledge on plant care, so my journey learning how to care for Limey has had it’s ups and downs (as you’ll learn throughout my conversation with Luke). But citrus are amazing plants to learn to care for because they are so communicative and so fun to grow!

Enjoy our plant chat!

In this episode we learn:

  • Luke’s journey from botany to business school to creating a gardening brand
  • What being a Master Gardener really means
  • Lukes citrus forest
  • What trends the younger generation is moving towards with indoor plants
  • Basic Citrus Care 101 – water, pot size, soil,   light
  • Citrus care hacks!
  • Pruning 101
  • Fertilizing basics
  • Pollinating citrus
  • Pest Control
  • Conditioning your plants to go outdoors in the summer

Mentioned in the episode:

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