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Plant Side Chat # 2: Planty Friendships


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Now that it's officially February, it's also officially Friendship February for Bloom and Grow Radio! I know I briefly went over what we’ll be doing this month on the last episode, but I wanted to circle back and let you Friendship February will be all about celebrating- you guessed it- plant friends!

I created Friendship February for several reasons. Yes, I know the obvious one is that I’m obsessed with how kind plant people are and fascinated by how many friendships start from meeting other plant people on Instagram, online or in plant shops. But also… February is kind of a bummer, it’s the coldest month of the season, there’s not a lot of light, our plants are sad or go dormant, and I know I start to get bummed out too. So why not turn a month that can be a bit of a downer into a month celebrating friendship, kindness and fun.

This episode dives into the amazing friendship and kindness I've experienced from plant people in the last month. And how many I know are happening amongst you that I don't even know about! These unprompted acts of kindness are so important in times like these, my plant people. So let’s keep them going. This week, I challenge you to do a random act of plant kindness or friendship! It can be as small as writing someone to let them know how much you love their Instagram account, or as big as arranging a plant cutting swap or maybe reaching out to an online plant friend and arranging a plant shopping day IRL. Please let me know what you end up doing by using the #PlantfriendsIRL and commenting on my Instagram post about this show or just writing me at . Some of you have already started doing this even before I’ve asked- that’s how amazing you are!

So let’s help each other keep blooming and keep growing this month!


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